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Learning Walks (Observations by any other name)

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by coldmetal, Sep 17, 2017.

  1. EmanuelShadrack

    EmanuelShadrack Star commenter

    Nice to have my guess confirmed as correct :D
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  2. chwinc

    chwinc New commenter

    Learning walks? More like White walkers(those of you into games of thrones) they are carried out by management who have not taught for more than 10 years ( if at all).These people have no idea of the type of learners we deal with,they are out of touch! Learning walks disrupt lessons and are a waste of time,but the managment get to tick the right box to satisfy the biggest problem in education = the HMI !
    Its another stick to beat us with!
  3. speaker2

    speaker2 Occasional commenter

    Thete should be no requirement for an additional weekly meeting for all staff, arising from learning walks

    I would suggest that what is needed is feedback arranged for any individuals who may need support and guidance subsequent to any concerns identified in learning walks . Everyone should have individual written feedback provided within a week of the learning walk.
  4. coldmetal

    coldmetal Occasional commenter

  5. coldmetal

    coldmetal Occasional commenter

    glad you got time to waste
  6. coldmetal

    coldmetal Occasional commenter

    I amin a Union UCU where can i get a copy of : performance management planning statement
  7. coldmetal

    coldmetal Occasional commenter

    Thisi is exactly what i was thinking
  8. coldmetal

    coldmetal Occasional commenter

    is there any reason why your avatar is Wart hog? does it relate to biscuits?
  9. coldmetal

    coldmetal Occasional commenter

    its sad
  10. EmanuelShadrack

    EmanuelShadrack Star commenter

    I think the general consensus is that these "learning walks" are a sham, have absolutely nothing to do with "improving the quality of teaching", and are simply a means of intimidation, bullying and control. A sort of senior management equivalent of a gang of thugs yelling "we know where you live". SLT are reminding you that they could get rid of you in an instant, if they wanted to.

    It seems unlikely that this unfortunate situation will change in the foreseeable future.

    @mikecom, have you decided what action you'll take, if any? You have my sympathy. (My personal solution was simply to quit teaching, but I appreciate that not everyone would want to do that.)
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  11. secretteacher2357

    secretteacher2357 Occasional commenter

    I started a new school this term that is currently in category 4 but not SM. The calendar has a learning walk taking place roughly twice every half term by different groups of leaders. The first one was yesterday and I got feedback that night.

    What a difference to my old school where they were used as a stick to beat you with! This place works on "what went well" and "even better if". I got a few minor points to work on but it all felt very positive and supportive. I will be expected to conduct learning walks myself after half term but I will have training first so I know what I am doing (I am a new HoD).

    I guess my point is that these things don't have to be all bad and can in fact be helpful if done properly and professionally. Sadly in my experience this is rarely the case...
  12. coldmetal

    coldmetal Occasional commenter

    Those who are posting condescending or silly 'off topic' comments on here likely as not managers or are part of the management team and as such I have noticed post comments on TES which are designed to try and moderate and discourage those posters on here who would make complaints about how management and corporations. Those who run the schools and colleges and the problems and upset and dilemmas they cause in their constant checking and number management and statistics. Those who are not it seems prepared to let the people they employed get on with the real job of teaching. They are either the self righteous thought police who try to demean and belittle those who would complain like me and even if one comes up with ideas these ideas are often stamped all over to try maintain the status quo; or I wouldn't be surprised if they were put up to it by some right wing government educational quango.
  13. coldmetal

    coldmetal Occasional commenter

    My theory is that I cannot change the negative processes without solid knowledge and experience. I am determined to fight the good fight from within - I am already politically active and potentially may then after 5 years or so make a move to politics where I try to get in a position to change things. To clear out these large bodies of SMT's on 6 figure salaries patting each other on the back and look to get strong and holistic teachers teaching in their classrooms. Also to separate up and remove all the administrative tasks that teachers and lecturers are asked (or forced) to do and try give back to teachers some semblance of work life balance and have them doing the thing they are most talented at and most love to do TEACH!
  14. secretteacher2357

    secretteacher2357 Occasional commenter

  15. Eflmeister

    Eflmeister Occasional commenter

  16. coldmetal

    coldmetal Occasional commenter

    There are a lot of valid supportive and understanding comments and discussion around this thread. The comments above by you are unnecessary and invalid and I think given one of my earlier posts saying that you and various others are probably part of the management incepting and or backing this kind of oppressive authoritative practice you should go and eat some biscuits rather than wasting yours and everyone else's time trying to ridicule useful posts.
  17. coldmetal

    coldmetal Occasional commenter

    It is staggering is it not, hmm?

    Often used, this spurious argument is, and most often used by the incompetent and insecure, it is. Must dash - just off to assess some intricate brain surgery I am, and then some meetings at nasa regarding some new rocket technology, introducing, are they. No expertise in either area I have, which to judge makes me more than qualified. Should take long not...
  18. les25paul

    les25paul Star commenter

    Your Ex-Head was talking Bull and probably has as much a clue about what goes on in Industry as my cat has about Quantum Theory.

    I worked in Quality Control for an industrial chemistry company and was an analytical chemist, as "oddly" were all the other people in the department. The people who inspected the reaction vessels were engineers and those who audited the finances were accountants.
  19. Rivermill

    Rivermill Occasional commenter

    Flavour-trails! Ha, that's a new one! Sounds vaguely disgusting.
  20. EmanuelShadrack

    EmanuelShadrack Star commenter

    Hello @mikecom

    I'm genuinely intrigued as to why you applied a Yoda-esque word re-ordering to my comment.

    What was the purpose of doing so?

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