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learning to write names.

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by mistyid, Dec 30, 2010.

  1. GemsEYFS

    GemsEYFS New commenter

    Hi, when my children entered in sep, not one of them could write their name or make any kind of attemt to look any thing like their name!
    I made some name cards with pictures that the children had chosen,( matching the initial letter of their name for example sun for Steven.

    I wrote the childs name onto the crad and laminated them all. The cards are the length of A4. The name cards are then stuck with blue tack onto an A4 whitboard. Every morning before the children come into nursery a lay all of the boards out onto my carpet, as do all of my TA's for their key groups. As children enter the group, they collect a pen from the table and find their name card. This settles them and gives us a very primpt start to the day.I dont teach letter formation as such, however, everyday i will have a few minutes with one or two children to practice a few sounds in their name. The children LOVE doing this in a morning and in reponse write their name on EVERYTHING they do in class and are very excited to show it to me!. The children's name cards are also all up on the wall in our writing area, and they all took a name card home. Out of my key group of 15, 12 children can now write their own name indepenedetly.
    Our Reception class do the same, but they have cards with starting points for correct letter formation every time as their focus.
  2. Hi Rouches, I can understand your reluctance to put pressure on your children to write their names. I think it's one of those issues where there isn't a hard and fast rule for every child, every year. In my opinion it is important to make a judgement based on your knowledge of the child and your experience of how each child is likely to react to the idea of writing their names. Some are eager to have a go, some reluctant, some capable, some do squiggles which they are proud to announce is their name. It's just a matter of being sensitive and aware that all children are different and are at different developmental stages and responding accordingly. I think it's the same with the pencil grip. there's no harm in showing them a correct pencil grip, but be prepared for them to find it very difficult and to be more comfortable at this stage with their own version. Again, it's a developmental thing and at 3years it's too early to get stressed about it. Gentle encouragement is appropriate for children who have the dexterity to adopt an effective grip. Activities that use a pincer grip might help (eg use tweezers, pick up small objects, sprinkle things).
  3. I have a comic sans or very basic font name cards in all mark making areas and encourage children to write their names or a name label, copying their name from the card. I'm not sure how great overwriting is as I feel children need to write with a purpose and build their confidence for independent writing. I think tracing handwriting patterns is great as tracing is a different skill to writing letters. The penpals handwriting scheme is good for teaching letter formation at a later date.

    That's just my opinion, I think any mark making is good at an early age but worry that tracing over name cards will delay independent writing.
  4. I find that as the children learn the letters and how to form them - then they are keen to write their own names - the most meaningful word after all!
  5. This is an interesting discussion.
    I have trouble with a couple of children who have been taught at home/nursery to write their names in block capitals. When they write during phonics they know to form lowercase letters, but forget this for their name! Will they just grow out of this or is there anything else I can do?

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