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learning to teach IGCSE practical

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by AppleGRD, May 11, 2016.

  1. AppleGRD

    AppleGRD New commenter

    Hi i am an experienced teacher. But have a new role where i must teach iGCSE iCT as a non subject specialist (i teach Business) to make my teaching load....

    I have used Apple macs since 1999 exclusively, so im new to MS office an the like.

    Need to get my skills sorted asap.

    Are there any books that will guide me step by step through these software packages?

    Many thanks
  2. jpgreenwood

    jpgreenwood Occasional commenter

    There are! The new edition of the course textbook is pretty good on practical elements. We just bought class sets.

    Rendell & Mott's Advanced Spreadsheets/Database Projects are great for the spreadsheet & database content. If I were you, I'd go through the entirety of the two books because they're easy to follow & well-resourced with downloadable files, but these are aimed at A level, so there's a bunch of skills in here your IGCSE students don't need. While I normally enjoy pushing the envelope, the IGCSE course is already pretty jam-packed with content. Still, if you're concerned about building up your knowledge, these are great for two of the more technical elements of the practical content.

    For HTML, choose a WYSIWYG editor (we use DreamWeaver, though Expression Web works fine too) and work through some past papers. They tend not to go for any particular program for this section, so you have to figure it out a little more based on your software.

    As with all new courses, go through the syllabus with a fine tooth comb & make sure you're getting these directly from CIE. I haven't taught it this year, but will be teaching the new spec next year & there are lots of changes. Nothing insurmountable, but working from the old spec will kill your results!
  3. spam66

    spam66 New commenter

    I have used this American site to help students learn more about Office. http://www.gcflearnfree.org/office. It would be good for the basics anyway. I have been teaching the Edexcel IGCSE for a few years if you need any help with resources....

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