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learning to learn materials

Discussion in 'Primary' started by orangeshortbread, Dec 22, 2010.

  1. I would like to do some sessions after Christmas with my ks1 class to help them to learn about how they learn and what helps them as learners. Does anyone have or know about good materials to use with this age group for this purpose?
  2. Why not link it to characters? When I was on PGCE placement I worked with an inspirational head who was lightyears ahead with all the L2L stuff. He'd linked the different learning styles to Winnie the Pooh characters, e.g. Tigger is a divergent learner, he does this this and this.

    It wasn't the only thing that was taking place there but it really worked for the younger children as they had someone to relate to and quite frequently you'd hear them saying, "I'm learning like Pooh today!"

    As the children got older they recognised the real names and characters were phased out.
  3. Thats exactly how we introduce the 4 Rs-The R Team, Ruby Resilience, Robbie Reciprocity, Rebecca Reflective and Richard Resourceful! They are in all classrooms and children undersatnd their strengths and aspire to develop them. We in turn offer opportunities for them to develop these skills etc.
  4. Reading this reminds me why I am so glad I am no longer in a 'BLP school'!
  5. inky

    inky Lead commenter

    Am I by nature a flippant creature, incapable of taking anything seriously?

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