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Learning Journeys

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by JO9832, Oct 6, 2015.

  1. JO9832

    JO9832 New commenter

    I have been informed today that although the content of my learning journeys is ok that look 'scruffy' ! I currently have them in a ring binder (one for each child) with sections ie Autumn term Observation , Parents as Partners etc . Our head wants us to move back to a scap book I don't want to spend hours cutting and gluing and sticking . I am trying to find out what other people use and was hoping to find some sort of larger ring binder with the display pockets already in it. Has anyone any thoughts or suggestions?
  2. Sillow

    Sillow Lead commenter

    We use books, so I guess it's like a scrapbook. Every other day or so I will stick in evidence, takes me no more than an hour to do everybody. It does look a little messy, I suppose, but then it's a book that's being used! Sorry, not much help if you don't like the scrapbook approach but I quite like it.
  3. Nic P

    Nic P New commenter

    I use ring binders. I print photos in school and stick them onto coloured card, attach post-it notes etc and children's work, wow moments, obs etc. then I slip the page into a punched pocket. It holds the post-its in place and makes it all look neater. It isn't a professional looking finish, but it's lovely, child friendly and something for the parents to cherish. That's what matter. It just has to reflect the child's learning, not look a masterpiece! I think the file system is better than a scrapbook, as you can slip any bits in you've forgotten. Hope that helps!
  4. digoryvenn

    digoryvenn Lead commenter

    Ring binders are so bulky. Scrap books look child friendly and it doesn't take that long to glue and stick neatly. We use the ones with coloured pages. This is something that the parents will cherish so I think it is important to do a good job and take a pride in how they are presented.
  5. natalie1820

    natalie1820 New commenter

    We've just invested in Ipads and the 2simple software. Although I know many schools have tried and moved back to scrapbooks in our school they have been well received by teaching staff and parents alike. This has greatly reduced the time of "processing" the observations and taken the emphasis off the presentation and filing side and back to the whole reason for doing it to begin with. I know this is not an option all schools have but I think it has made me realise that for years the real importance of our learning journeys was being lost. I would spend hours cutting and sticking them in nursery so that they were nice for the parents to see. When I moved to reception the teachers "shoved" each evidence in each folder and the emphasis was on collecting it so that it was there for when we were moderated. I would spent every evening doing tracking and filing. The whole point is that this evidence is there to inform us in our planning. I can tell you for a fact that last year when I was in reception I did not once refer back to the actual evidence because A) I didn't have time and B) I wouldn't have been able to find it. This year I look every weekend at the evidence collected during the week and then do the planning. You need to find a method that works for you and doesn't take up too much time and if you have the option I would greatly recommend the 2simple software. Hope this helps and sorry for such a long post!
  6. curtism

    curtism New commenter

    The 2simple software sounds really interesting and I am going to investigate.
    We also have 'scruffy' files - we thought about moving to scrapbooks but, as a previous contributor said, it's easier to keep things in date order if you can remove and add - more difficult in a scrapbook. For this year we have bought 'nicer' files and are using stronger card to stick photos and post its onto - and these then go inside plastic wallets - it has made a difference and things look smarter. The most important thing for me is that children can access their folders - last year mine spent hours looking back at their work (and laughing their heads off at their first attempts to write etc.) - there was lots of conversation "do you remember when...". Would we lose this if we went down the technological route?
  7. nooby182

    nooby182 New commenter

    I felt the same about losing that dialogue too. Especially that sit down time with the parents. I've made an effort to find the time to share observations with the children still as you can look back on an ipad or a computer. There is always the option with 2simple of printing out the observations at the end of the week, half term, term etc and children could still look back on their work on paper as before but it would all be neatly done for you. I can't praise 2simple enough as it feels like after 5 years of slogging it I finally have my life back! And can spent time with the children and more time for making resources. Best thing to do if you are interested is find a local school who already has it and ask them to see it. They will be more then willing as if you sign up and say they recommended you they get a few months free on their subscription. That's what we did. You can also sign up for a free trial as well so you can have a play first xx
  8. Camokidmommy

    Camokidmommy Established commenter

    You could try Tapestr y. It's lots cheaper.

    We don't have individual learning journeys, use cp planning, post its and Tapestr y. Much more manageable.
  9. nooby182

    nooby182 New commenter

    Tapestry looks good, I've not heard of that one before. Xx
  10. curtism

    curtism New commenter

    Is Tapestry the one that emails parents when an observation or photo is logged? I think that's overkill - or can you turn that option off?
    I LOVE the idea of getting my life back - I'm about to do another 4 files tonight with my Pritt stick and scissors and my whole kitchen table covered in post its - how divine to have all this done for me! Definitely checking out this with other schools - just hope an ancient teacher like me can get to grips with it - we are not a very young team!
  11. Camokidmommy

    Camokidmommy Established commenter

    We have used Tapestry for a year now and have not used the parent facility, yet! We will be doing this, but will only allow parents acces once each halfterm, as you say it would be overkill to let them see obs every time we added one.

    Really recommend it, much better than drowning in cut and stick.....
  12. LauraJeanD

    LauraJeanD New commenter

    We use Tapestry and parents have full access. I wouldn't have it any other way. The immediate feedback from parents is brilliant. We love the way it helps towards a holistic approach, all adults working on next steps for children including their parents. We find that parents are noticing that their child needs extra support with shape, for instance, and are responding saying they will work on this at home. They often even post relevant observations themselves following up next steps. Why only have them access occasionally?
    My advice....jump in head first.
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  13. natalie1820

    natalie1820 New commenter

    I am the baby in my team at 25 and had seen the software used effectively before. The other staff were worried when we discussed this big technical change. Everyone got to grips with the software within a week and I found that because the tas were using it more they actually started teaching me how to use it!

    We have 2simple and currently don't have the parent setting. We do have regular times that they can come see the profiles and we have paper based observation stars that the parents take home with them. When they come back we photograph them and then when we agree with a judgement we select the correct statements on the 2simple software.
  14. Adara23

    Adara23 New commenter

    Hi All
    I manage a Pre School/ Nursery and am having trouble with staff only wanting to do their key child's learning journeys/ journals/ profiles in paid work time. Can anybody help me by letting me know what you do in your setting. Do staff get paid time to do them or are they expected to do them in their own time un paid?? Currently we have some great volunteers which means we are able to get time out to get these done, but this isn't alwasy the case! Some staff seem to think it's their right to get paid for time on these.

    Any help, comments welcomed.
  15. Kartoshka

    Kartoshka Established commenter

    People should work the hours that they are paid to work. What they do in their free time is up to them. You cannot expect people to work unpaid... why should they?
  16. curtism

    curtism New commenter

    We offer support staff half a day a fortnight to keep up to date with journals - but teachers get no release for this work - it's taken home to do. It's a part of my job as a teacher to do these out of teaching time but I absolutely would not expect nursery nurses or teaching assistants to do likewise.
  17. Camokidmommy

    Camokidmommy Established commenter

    Completely agree. it's part of my PPA, but as my TAs don't get this time they shouldn't have to do it in their own time. I do however, try to give them time to do these things in the school day, assembly, Story time etc...
  18. missrturner

    missrturner Occasional commenter

    We use the books but it really doesn't take that long to stick in. We have sugar paper circles for observations that we fold in half and stick in - this looks quite nice. We keep these in a folder under our key worker board and then I tend to keep my written ones in a plastic wallet and sort them out quickly at the end of each day.

    It was quite stressful as we were not allowed to take the books home and they would always have to be stuck in by Friday for that following Monday. We had a rota were we would have one TA/Key Worker sat at a table quickly sticking some in whilst the rest all took circle time/took the children outside. The rota meant that it was fair and as this happened every day it was rare we ever needed a long time to do it.
  19. katherinerowan

    katherinerowan New commenter

    We use 2Simple in our nursery. It has definitely cut down the time needed to administer to the profiles. We send them updated profiles out to parents every half term and the parents can request a visit to look at their child's learning experiences whenever they like. (hardly any take us up on this!)

    Anyone who has key children has release time in which to do their learning journeys. We have a sessional nursery so we have a morning class and an afternoon class in each room. People with a full teaching qualification or level 5 equivalent are expected to have a full group (up to 8 children) in each session. Anyone with level 3 equivalent can choose if they take a group in just one session or half a group in each and this means they get half the amount of release time. Anyone with a full set of children gets 3 hours a week as standard. The team leaders have permission to extend this if it is needed and if the team has everyone else present, the children are not chaotic or attendance is lower on a given day. Any extra time is shared between everyone if possible but we encourage the teams to support one another to allow extra time for someone who needs it. We do not expect the staff to complete these in their own time as I think a lot of settings do because it is one of those things that is slowly devouring teachers work/life balance and is leading to a crisis in the profession!!

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