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Learning Journeys!

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by Vib79, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. Sorry, just need to let off a bit of steam. I have just been informed today that i need to start doing Learning Journeys and i have to say I'm not very happy about it. We have been told by our advisor that that is what OFSTED ask for when they come into school and they expect to see them. How can the expect to see something that is not compulsory! We are due an inspection soon so our head wants us to start them. I work in Nursery and I just don't know when i'm going to get the time to keep them up to date. It doesn't help that we have lost time now that we run 2x 3hr sessions with no breaks and get just over half an hour for lunch. I am already snowed under with observations, assessments, cross referencing DM statements and i feel like a slave to the clipboard and post it note! Oh and not lets forget actually trying to come up with and resource new and interesting things for the children! A comment was made that we 'don't have marking to do' so it shouldn't be a problem. Aagh that makes me so mad, other staff have no idea the extent of the paper work we do down in EY and do they work 6hr days with no breaks other than lunch, no!
    I currently have a class photograph book and keep individual files on the computer with each child's photos in (which the parents get on cd at the end of the year). I still have to do those even though we are now introducing the individual learning journeys. Does anybody have any ways to try and keep the LJ's managable? I know many people don't have good things to say about them so that's why i'm not so happy about having to do them. At the end of the day i'm spending hours providing a lovely souviner for parents!! Our head has said that it shouldn't be any extra work for us, it's basically just a different way of 'filing'! Not sure about that! I feel bad for feeling so negative about them and yes i am sure it is a lovely thing for parents to keep but i just physically don't know when i will fit them in my day. I also feel like i am interacting less and less with the children because i've always got my head in a file, or behind a camera or clipboard! I trained to teach and that's what i want to do! Sorry for the rant but it's done me good to get it off my chest! Again if anybody has any positive experiences of LJ's or ways to make them managable please let me know x
  2. NellyFUF

    NellyFUF Lead commenter

    Surely when you print off all those photos to stick in the Learning Journeys your HT will regret the insistence on such things! You'll be needing lots of printer ink!
    Then you give them to the parents to stick in. It can be a stay and play session.
    How many will you have to do?
  3. Learning journeys are a pain but I now use PPA time to keep on top of them with the justification that they are assessment. I keep written planning as simple as possible, basing it on children's interests and not aiming to have a plethora of themed activities, so that I don't need to do reams of planning each week, leaving more time for LJs.
    If you have the DM in mind when you make observations it helps you to keep what you write down relevant to the evidence you need and you can make one good quality post-it note observation cover loads.
    If your HT just sees it as a different way of filing [​IMG]
  4. LJs are fantastic! they re a partnership with you the parent and the child. the trick is to not be precocious about them. you the parent or the child put in whatever you think is significant. date it and it builds. simple. add your obs in, any significant leaps, pcs any of the 3 take and fannies your aunt. ofsted said ours which are scrap books are outstanding
  5. Well, mine are a pain. As the only teacher in a 39 place nursery, with no release time for TAs to help out a bit, I have to keep 39 LJs on the boil, and they have to show evidence of progression for each child with cross references to the DM so that they show the right data for SMT. Sorry - they are not fantastic.
  6. sadika

    sadika New commenter

    Suggest to help to build them up: put the ball in the parents' court - ask them for contributions via an "I am proud of my son/daughter" A4 sheet which asks them to record something their child has experienced at home eg a trip to the zoo; tasting new foods; a family event like a Christening; swimming 25 metres ... literally ANYTHING!!! I've done this for the past couple of years and the interested section come up with the goods and the usual suspects ... ??? hey ho! says it all doesn't it if the parents can't be bothered! I fill my LJ's in with the absolute minimum ... I've got alot of TEACHING to do!!!
  7. We have implemented Learning Journeys throught our nursery and they have been a real success. Yes they can be somewhat time consuming but we feel they are well worth it. As other posts suggest you can include post-its, significant comments, pictures, samples of work etc and it soon builds up! A massive thing in our setting has been the impact on PSED - the children freely share their 'special books' with their friends, talking about what they like doing, special memories etc and it has really helped with children sharing information about their differering backgrounds and cultures. Great for the reluctant talkers too! The parents are free to take the learning journeys home for a few days to contribute whatever they feel relevant. This then helps with planning as we gather more information of what the children are interesed in and plan accordingly to meet their needs. Is there any chance you can share the workload? Why not trial a couple first to get a feel for them and to get your staff and parents on board too!

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