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learning journeys Reception help

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by smileycolleague, Jul 9, 2008.

  1. Hi there, I would be really interested in your formats please if you don't mind forwarding them to me.
    Many Thanks
  2. Please could you e mail me a copy of your formats to look at too.. Many thanks
  3. Is there any chance you could email a copy to kjstorrs@hotmail.com
    I would love to look at your formats too.

    Thanks a million
  4. I spent the last academic year lugging 30 learning journeys home on a weekly basis, and sticking in endless post - it notes, photos, writing examples etc. Then I annotated them, analysed them, showed them to parents, had them scrutinised, worried about them, threw them across the lounge at midnight, discussed them with my TA...........
    Why? Who invented them? Where are they now? Would they like to meet me?
    Phew....that's better!
  5. I wonder if I could have a copy too please. I am starting learning journeys this Sept, and am just worried that they will become too much of an admin burden. I love the idea, but its finding a user friendly format which is tricky.
    I am having A4 folders with polypockets to slip significant pieces of work into, plus photos, awards etc.
  6. Please could I have a copy of your learning journey proforma? [​IMG]
  7. Hi, I am a new teacher in the FS, the nursery in fact. The learning journey is the only thing causing me big probs. Please could you email your example.

  8. please can ihave a copy of the proforma?thanks melissa
  9. Miss Piggywig

    Miss Piggywig New commenter

    We have been running learning journeys for this year and have just been ofsted when they where commented on as the best practise for valuable assessment across the foundation stage. All we are doing is using and exersice book for each child where we add post its and photos of the child's learning all which is linked to the development matters of FSP so all the daily post its have a reason. We then do a longer observation on each child every half term. We then have a copy of the FSP points in the back which we tick off eacg observation on this then feeds striaght back into the Profile. Our Nursery is doing the same thing but tick them against the development matters ages so feeds in to their trackers. These are then decorated as we go and they have become a really nice scrap book of the children's first year in school and their nursery time. Parents really like them to as they enjoy the photos and the short notes on their child. Yes they do take alot of time but at least they are useful.
    Is this the kind of thing people are thinking about?
  10. Hi All

    We use Learning Journals at Wingate, here is a link to our website that gives a snapshot of one: http://www.wingatechildrenscentre.com/page.asp?id=69. We used learning story proforma's to help document the learning and also have a version for parents to take away and fill out if they wish. I dont want to sound like a sales man but we have a course in May ( 19/05/2010) with places left called 'Children's Learning Journals - a holistic approach with parents and families (£120). If anyone is interested you can contact me on 01429 837572 or email at wingatetrainingbase@durhamlearning.net. Good luck. Glen
  11. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    We use an adapted version Glenn very popular with parents and children (and Ofsted loved them).
  12. Hi Msz

    Yeah, they are hard work but are so worth it at the end of the year! such a lovely journal to hand over, and the children are so proud when presented with it. Im glad they were of help Msz, we certainly get a lot of people asking about them and also where to buy the booklets that we sourced.

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