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learning journeys Reception help

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by smileycolleague, Jul 9, 2008.

  1. Sam07

    Sam07 New commenter

    would be really grateful if you could forward me a copy too. Am being inspected this year and need to start to get my head around this.

    thanks in advance
    x sam

  2. Each child should/will have their own individual learning journey very easily and all it needs to be is a collection of their learning through photos, observations, pieces of work and contributions from home. They do not need any set format, just gather it all into a book or file for each child and label it 'My Learning Journey'. A wonderful gift for the parents at the end of a year - no wonder some of them cry with pleasure. And good evidence for the EYFS profile moderator!!
  3. Hello any chance some one could email me a copy please. I am moving to reception in September.
  4. Hi to you all.

    I am not sure if this any help to you guys. I work in a nursery setting and we have to do learning journals on a child all the way though their time at the setting so you may have some coming to you in septmeber when your new children start.Learning juornlas are used to document the child learning journey and wiil come with significant observation, photos and the develoment al norms the child will have acived so far. I could email you some a copy of what we do in a nursery setting to give you an idea. Also if you go to the foundation stage forum web site there is some good topics on the aboce for reception classes.
    We aslo include the link with the family and outside commnituys also another thing that is popular is in the Wow wall or learing walls as you may know them. The EYFS aslo ahs some good examples and any early Years service for your area may have example on their web sites.
  5. Could I get a copy too if that's possible...thanks. I am using Talking and thinking floor book idea next year to try and show the overal learning journey for the class as a whole (http://www.mindstretchers.co.uk/cat/PC.html) but am interested to see this format. Thanks

  6. please could you e mail me a copy of a learning journey as I am thinking of implementing them in september.
    Thank you so much
  7. Hi Fiona,
    I work in Nursery and would be grateful if you could e mail me a copy.
    Thank you
  8. Hi,
    Please could you e mail me a copy, would be very grateful. Thank you.
    Sounds like just what I need and yet another thing I have no idea about. Hey Ho for the foundation stage paperwork!!!
  9. Colour coding under photos and obs is such a wonderful and simple idea - will suggest that we do that as well. Thanks
  10. Hi - please could you send me a copy of what you do in your nursery settings. I am new to the learning journal and it would be helpful to see some examples.

    Many thanks
  11. primaryteacher23

    primaryteacher23 New commenter

    Hello Nicole48,
    Could I also request a copy please of Your formats please!? They would be greatly appreciated... :)
    Thankyou in advance,

    Primaryteacher23... x
  12. Hi - please could you also send me a copy of what you do in your nursery as this would be useful. I am new to the learning journals.
    Email: Clare.e.houghton@hotmail.co.uk

  13. Hi nicole48
    Please could you email me an example of a proforma to use re learning journeys. Many thanks in advance. How often do we need to do this is it every term for each child?
  14. Hi, I'm working in Reception next year and would be very grateful for some info about Learning Journeys.

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