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learning journeys Reception help

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by smileycolleague, Jul 9, 2008.

  1. Please could i have a copy as well... starting a new job in Nursery and need all the help i can get!!


    Tink x

  2. Samantha705

    Samantha705 New commenter

  3. lmf1980

    lmf1980 New commenter

  4. If you have time, I too would be interested as want to try this next half term, but very confused.
  5. lng


  6. havent read through all the posts so sorry if I am repeating. My Learning Journeys are basically scrap books with all the special and significant things children do. They are filled with photos, postit notes (completed by me, TA and parents) pieces of work, all sorts really. They arent beautifully neat, or split in to areas, stuff is just stuck in as it happens. I am lucky as with 12 chn it is easy to keep up together. I have copied everything in them and the books will be given to the parents on friday. I keep them in the book corner as the children love looking at them.
  7. We're going to start these next year, but were going to split them into the 6 areas - am now thinking though that this might cause probs as some activities cover more than one area. Advice welcome???
  8. May I have a copy too? I'm thoroughly confused about planning and worse still I am moving to Reception for September and just don't know where to start. Anyone with any ideas to put me on the straight and narrow I would be most grateful to. Many thanks in advance.

  9. Holly... my advice wouldnt be to split. One activity can cover so many areas. Just whack in any photos, post its. The idea isnt that they are are a prestine book, its a working document that the children can access. With lots of chn you can get them to stick in their own things. Provided you note down the date and what the focus was and possibly the areas it has covered you have a fab piece of evidence for when it comes to profiles.
  10. You could colour code each area e.g blue for physical development then put colured dots under photos etc to show which areas it covers
  11. JO9832

    JO9832 New commenter

  12. hi there

    Please could I get a copy too? My email address is


    I'm an nqt starting in a reception class in September and pretty lost!!

    Thank you
  13. Hi!
    Could I have a copy please?

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