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Learning and Teaching judgements

Discussion in 'Ofsted inspections' started by montyjacs, Jul 6, 2011.

  1. montyjacs

    montyjacs New commenter

    Ofsted are in and are saying I am giving them processes and systems for leading learning and teaching but not enough evidence of impact of anything I'm doing. I'm stuck - have tried everything I can think of and the ultimate test of impact is that we are headed for record results this year. Any suggestions please?
    How can you measure the impact of learning and teaching initiatives?

  2. Sorry I didn't see this earlier. I hope it all went well in the end. One way of tackling this problem goes like this. You do some training/implement a system, or whatever, presumably with particular hopes for change. Whilst you may not be able to see immediate impact on progress, it is possible to measure impact on the children and staff. Occasionally, after a particular effort, I will ask the staff a series of questions, such as, "Are you more confident in ...?", or "Do you find the new planning format helps to plan differentiation?" and so on. I take a quick count and convert into percentages. Similarly, I will go round the classrooms, have a quick talk with the children about the element concerned and ask a pre-set list of questions. It takes about ten minutes per class and in a couple of hours I have some "data" to look at. This quick-fire data collection can work for all manner of actions & impacts. Sometimes, a look at a random small sample of books will provide helpful evidence. Because it is a small sample, it doesn't take long, but you can play the opinion poll game of extrapolating for the whole population - if it is favourable, of course!
  3. montyjacs

    montyjacs New commenter

    Thanks for your reply - very helpful advice. Thankfully the inspection went really well overall but I am aware that I need to be able to show more rigorous monitoring for the future so thank you for your help.

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