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Learning about countries: Activity ideas

Discussion in 'Primary' started by MillyStar, Aug 18, 2011.

  1. MillyStar

    MillyStar New commenter

    In September our classes are going to be named after countries. We normally spend some of the first week doing activities to learn about the different countries. I am at a complete loss for fun and worthwhile activities! Finding the country on the map is about as far as my imagination stretches!
    Any ideas would be greatfully welcomed. They are year 5.
  2. Basic language - hello, goodbye. Adding up and subtracting in the language.
    Art - depends on the country eg India and rangoli patterns, Australia and aboringal art.
    Volcanos - make one! (obviously you want a country which has volcanoes!)
    Dress (DT - make something related to the country)
    Music (this can be very practical)
    Literacy (recounts - newspapers, diary entry, letter, postcard)
    ICT - research for a passport type template
    Use Google Earth
    Loads of geography activities - map work, make a 3D map, passport activity, imports and exports, weather etc
    Loads of history activities - major events, timeline, biography of historical figure
    Link to 2012 Olympics - who are their entrants, what are they particularly successful in
  3. hammie

    hammie Lead commenter

    WE did the Egyptians with year 5 this year.
    The most popular activity was mummifying tomatoes!
    Slit with a knife, scrape out the contents, massage salt into the inside and outside, stuff with shredded paper from the office shredder, salt the outside again, bandage with smartprice bandages, leave to dry.
    Add lots of comments about removing the organs etc.
    a few pupils felt a bit queasy so we got the description right!
  4. Sounds good, hammie. I did this last year with Y4. Did it more as a science experiment with apples, leaving a control one (ie not covered) and made predictions about what would happen to the covered apples (mixture of salt and bicarb). Left for a week - worked really well.
  5. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    The Rugby World Cup begins on the 9th Sept in New Zealand so my class are going to look at the countries taking part in a joint project with two schools in Auckland.
    Obviously find on a map
    Flag of the country
    Language - learn to say hello in all 20
    Produce - what do we import from there
    Similarities and difference

  6. reddevil

    reddevil New commenter

    Have you chosen a country yet? Could it be a country that links to a History topic your class does?
  7. hammie

    hammie Lead commenter

    if you are a church school......
    i experienced a unique (in my experience) assembly at one of my previous schools. Inner city, Catholic, more than forty nationalities and languages known across the school.
    Starting with the story of the Tower Of Babel, all pupils recited the Lord's Prayer in a different language. Point being that it did not matter what language they spoke, they all belonged to the same world and Church. It was a surprisingly powerful "experience"
  8. MillyStar

    MillyStar New commenter

    Thank you for great ideas! I already have my country and it is so obscure and random I think that is partly why I am struggling but I have lots of good ideas now thanks.
  9. reddevil

    reddevil New commenter

    Which country is it? Sorry if I've missed you telling us already.
  10. whizzbangbang

    whizzbangbang New commenter


    Try teacheractivities.co.uk - it has a compendium of over 200 lesson activities that can be tweaked for any lesson. Hope this helps.
  11. aridion

    aridion New commenter

    I did a Skype lesson with a classroom from another country. We did a topic week about Thailand and used skype to communicate.

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