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Leaky b00bs

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by princessmelody, Mar 15, 2011.

  1. princessmelody

    princessmelody New commenter

    When does it stop!?!? LO is 11 weeks now and I still leak loads....I went through 3 bras the other night and loads of breastpads. The ladies at breastfeeding group just say it will calm down....but when did it for you? PM
  2. I had this problem - couldn't feed without a muslin to mop up, boxes of breast pads, endless washing of nighties and sheets etc... It calmed down about three and a half months - when she started with a predictable routine, and regularly sleeping though (although I'm not certain those things are related!), although I still leaked a lot from the other side when feeding first thing in the morning - useful when weaning cos I just used to catch it to make up baby rice!
    hope it calms down, yet another hassle to deal with! Like our bodies don't put us through enough indignity during pregnancy, childbirth and breast feeding!
  3. Oh yes I remember those days. I was at BF support when LO was 9weeks and the milk was spraying all over the room. The midwife said she had never seen so much milk at feeding time. Anyway, that was more of the let down..
    I also used to feed with a muslin tucked under my bra and I often slept at night with a towel under my chest as there were many occasions when I woke up in a pool of leakage! LO is now 19wks and things have calmed down and have done so for about 3 or so weeks but everyone will be different.
    It really was annoying having to wash nursing bras and nighties every day; a constant cycle of washing!!
    I guess it should stop soon. Make sure you take spare bra pads out and about with you in the nappy bag - I got caught out a couple of times; highly embarrassing!
  4. Once I came off prescribed painkillers, I donated my excess milk for about 3 weeks. Because LO slept through the night, my boob had missed a night feed so I expressed in the morning. I've now weaned my boob off from thinking it needs a night feed so generally ok in the morning now but am glad that I could help even for 3 weeks. It's ever so simple; your local hospital will send you the sterile, plastic bottles plus labels and you then drop them off to your local maternity unit to shove in their freezer. Of course if the hospital is just as close/closer you can take them there directly. Anyway, they'll give you all the details.
    With regards to the Lilypadz, personally I was fearful that stopping my boobs from leaking could have brought back my mastitis if I was stopping the milk from flowing and therefore blocking a milk duct but tbh I didn't read much into it so I would hope this this is something that they have thought of and worked at overcoming.
    pogo x
  5. I calmed down after about 3 months, though it does sometimes happen now- I always have a spare cardi just in case! At night times it sometimes happens too.... I have woken up in a pool of milk, and as I get so hot in a pool of sweat! Attractive
    Hope it calms down soon. I always leak when I go to breastfeeding group
  6. Just remember that when you express you are telling your boobs that you need that much milk. I had a LOT of leaking when dd1 was little and I was advised to "block feed" for a little while. This is basically where you feed from one side for 4 hours (not continuously but whenever lo wants a feed) then the other side for the next 4 hours, and continue like that. It really helped, within a couple of daysI was no longer leaking. I did carry on expressing a bit as I wanted a good stash in the freezer for going back to work (not that it was used as she refused the bottle for the childminder)

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