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Leadership webinar: strategic planning for schools (video and webchat)

Discussion in 'Senior Leadership Team' started by AndrewFIS, Aug 18, 2017.

  1. AndrewFIS

    AndrewFIS Occasional commenter TES Leadership Expert

    How does the strategy inform the rest of the activities in the school?
  2. Ian_Mackintosh

    Ian_Mackintosh New commenter TES Leadership Panel Expert

    The model I like to use when looking at Strategic Plans for schools is as follows:


    It is important that the strategy informs all aspects of the schools/academies activities. Whilst teaching and learning is clearly the major part of the strategy plan the following areas should not be overlooked.

    Increasing Revenues:
    Provision of before and after clubs, nurseries
    Bringing services in house
    Charging the services of staff to other schools
    Hiring buildings and ground.
    Attracting additional pupils if school is not full.​

    Stakeholder Communication
    Developing a clear brand
    Improving PR both locally and nationally
    Parental communication
    Coordinated social media presence​

    Resources Management:
    Building and grounds development
    Overhead reduction
    Joint Purchasing
    Shared resources
    Job share between schools/academies
    Cashless payments
    IT Infrastructure​

    Skills Development:
    Governor skills
    CPD for all staff
    Staffing structures
    Governing Body structure
    Governor induction
    Pay structures
    Job shares
    Management structures​
  3. AndrewFIS

    AndrewFIS Occasional commenter TES Leadership Expert

    How can the Governors and the SLT ensure that the strategic plan does not just sit on a shelf and gather dust?
  4. Ian_Mackintosh

    Ian_Mackintosh New commenter TES Leadership Panel Expert

    Once the strategy is clear, then this must inform all other aspects of planning in a joined up approach across all functions:

    • Agree milestones

    • Agree ownership – within SMT and Governance structure

    • Break down large issues into smaller ones - again with owners and timeline

    • Agree which actions are to be followed up at GB or committee

    • Agenda item at GB Meetings to keep actions on track.

    • Annual Review - checking if anything fundamental has changed.
  5. AndrewFIS

    AndrewFIS Occasional commenter TES Leadership Expert

    What does this mean for Governors and the SLT?
  6. Ian_Mackintosh

    Ian_Mackintosh New commenter TES Leadership Panel Expert

    It is essential that there is the right balance of skills on the Governing Board and that the organisational structures match the strategy.

    In particular, governors should ensure that a proper skills audit is carried out against the 16 competencies detailed in the Competency Framework for Governance.

    This audit will inform training/recruitment activity to fill any gaps that are identified

    The structure and organisation of MAT/Governing Boards plus sub committees should align with the strategic plan.

    School/Academy Structures – now and going forward

    Heads – moving towards Executive Heads/Chief Executive Officer within MATs.

    School Business Manager/School Business Director/Chief Operating Officer becomes a different role

    i.e Management not Accounting

    The SBM will be a key role, particularly for MATs, going forward

    The availability of individuals with correct skill both in leadership and governors will be a challenge, particularly for MATs
  7. AndrewFIS

    AndrewFIS Occasional commenter TES Leadership Expert

    Finally, can you summarise the strategic planning process within a school setting?
  8. Ian_Mackintosh

    Ian_Mackintosh New commenter TES Leadership Panel Expert

    a. The responsibility for setting the strategy lies with the Governing Board

    b. Strategy setting should be a separate activity rather than part of a normal governing board meeting

    c. It may be of value to have an independent person to facilitate the strategy setting activity

    d. Goal Setting: Clarify the vision for the school

    e. Analysis: What is happening locally and nationally

    f. Strategy Formulation: Determine what resources the school/academy currently has that can help reach the defined goals and objectives

    g. Strategy Implementation
    Ensure the organisation structure supports the strategy delivery
    Ensure everyone within the school/academy is clear about their responsibilities and duties, and how their role fits in with the overall goal.
    Ensure any resources or funding to deliver the strategy is in place.
    h. Strategy Monitoring: Review of internal and external issues and taking corrective actions when necessary.

    i. Ensure that not just teaching and learning are included, what about increasing income, stakeholder communication, resources management and skills development.

    j. Ensure that the right organisation structure and skills are present in both the governing board and and the school staff
  9. AndrewFIS

    AndrewFIS Occasional commenter TES Leadership Expert

    Thanks, Ian, for joining us this afternoon. If anyone would like to pose questions for him in this thread, please do so and he will answer them later. We hope you found this webchat useful.

    To view other videos of interviews, you can subscribe here. This also includes a host of other benefits.
  10. TES_Rosaline

    TES_Rosaline Administrator Staff Member

    Thank you Andrew and Ian for your time this afternoon.

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