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Leadership webinar: social mobility in schools (video and webchat)

Discussion in 'Senior Leadership Team' started by AndrewFIS, Sep 29, 2017.

  1. christineryan1

    christineryan1 New commenter TES Leadership Panel Expert

    Lots of good work is being done, especially in the charity sector, but I have not identified a single source that pulls together the multiplicity of strategies. Instead, we tend to find different organisations or approaches that are targeting different aspects of the problem. What we lack is a comprehensive gathering and analysis of evidence so that we can identify with reasonable certainty the most cost-effective interventions. I don’t pretend that this is easy but it is possible. However, I am not convinced that at national policy level we are demonstrating a true understanding of the daily realities for our least advantaged and, most importantly, creating routes to power and influence for those few who have escaped the trap. There is a reason that most of the few that succeed become entrepreneurs rather than entering into more traditional professions, the barriers to those routes are simply far too high.
  2. AndrewFIS

    AndrewFIS Occasional commenter TES Leadership Expert

    Does the UK's class system have a negative effect on social mobility?
  3. christineryan1

    christineryan1 New commenter TES Leadership Panel Expert

  4. AndrewFIS

    AndrewFIS Occasional commenter TES Leadership Expert

    Does this mean that other countries are more effective at enabling social mobility?
  5. christineryan1

    christineryan1 New commenter TES Leadership Panel Expert

    Yes, some. That is not to say though that other countries don’t have a class system even more divisive than our own or that even in countries where conditions are better that their class system doesn’t still have an effect.
  6. AndrewFIS

    AndrewFIS Occasional commenter TES Leadership Expert

    Finally, if you were given a magic wand, what five things would you do to improve social mobility?
  7. christineryan1

    christineryan1 New commenter TES Leadership Panel Expert

    • Make it a top priority to ensure that all children have really good quality teaching in the basics skills of literacy and numeracy whilst they are at primary school. With the exception of the small proportion with particular disabilities there really is no excuse for any child leaving their years in primary school still not functionally literate and numerate.

    • Have intelligent targeting of resources, based on reliable, first-hand evidence of what works, whenever a child is identified as needing support. Remember that using income, as the primary measure, is not enough to identify those most in need. We have to use better criteria to recognise the children who are at most risk.

    • Make sure that there are routes to access education and qualifications outside of the normal provision and timings so that they remain available throughout life to those from different starting points.

    • Make sure that government policy is scrutinised to remove any unfairly negative impact from those who are least advantaged.

    • Be smart about selection and recruitment policies for access to education, training and the job market. A lot of conscious and unconscious bias goes on, which is seriously inhibiting to social progression. Starting with government and its agencies, organisations should be required to audit and evaluate their social diversity, taking action to remedy discriminatory practices.
  8. AndrewFIS

    AndrewFIS Occasional commenter TES Leadership Expert

    Thanks, Christine, for joining us this afternoon. If anyone would like to pose questions for her in this thread, please do so and she will answer them later. We hope you found this webchat useful.

    To view other videos of interviews, you can subscribe here. This also includes a host of other benefits.
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  9. TES_Rosaline

    TES_Rosaline Administrator Staff Member

    Thank you Andrew and Christine for your time this afternoon.

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