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Leadership Styles

Discussion in 'Headteachers' started by villafan, Jan 23, 2012.

  1. I'm looking for some advice.
    I'm a primary head (first post, since Sept 2010).
    I was told today that a way I could improve would be to think about different ways of presenting myself as the figurehead of the school so that when someone thinks of the school they think of me as a strong leader. The person telling me this went on to say consider it when, for example, addressing parents.
    I was also told that my written communication is always very clear, measured and has just the right tone. Talk about damned with faint praise (no mention of my oral communication).
    I did press for more information and specific examples, but none were forthcoming. They concluded by saying they thought I was doing a good job and it wasn't a criticism, just a development point.
    I'm now left wondering what exactly they meant by it (I know I should just ask them again!) and how I can find out about different leadership styles for different situations.
    Any advice for a new head please?
  2. If the comment was from a line manager, and as part of a professional review, perhaps they felt that they had to come up with a development point for you (especially as they couldn't give specific examples).
    I suppose if I was in your position I would reflect on how much this person knows me - have they seen you address parents? Consider the feedback you get from staff and parents.
    We conduct fairly regular staff and parent questionnaires - they always include a couple of questions regarding leadership - may be worth considering.
  3. I agree with the above post - if you're not sure what this person's getting at either ask them again or ask the staff. If you don't yet know the staff well enough to ask (or worry they might be a bit too brutal in their feedback) ask someone on the staff who you do trust and ask them. It sounds like they might be trying to drop a hint about your 'front of house' presentation to parents etc. There are many successful styles which make successful Headteachers so I wouldn't get too hung up on it.

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