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Leadership Style

Discussion in 'Education news' started by violette13, Jul 20, 2019.

  1. violette13

    violette13 New commenter

    Please can someone restore my faith in head teachers?

    I appreciate the immense amount of pressure head teachers are under especially if they are in a certain Ofsted category but does that give them the right to be completely inflexible with teachers and support staff, demand three or more meetings a week that end at 5:30 and lead top down without consulting teaching staff?

    How can a school improve under these stressful conditions. Unhappy staff = unhappy pupils? Can we do anything about this?
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  2. becky70

    becky70 Occasional commenter

    If your school follows STPCD then the three meetings could be taking you over directed time.
    I don't think you can do anything about the top down leadership, inflexibility etc. I'd probably look for another job if I was you.
  3. Grandsire

    Grandsire Star commenter

    Directed time budget probably doesn’t allow for three meetings a week, especially if they last until 5.30!

    My HT once suggested staff had to be on site until 4pm, and got as far as putting it in the staff handbook before consulting us. The three magic words “Directed Time Budget” stopped it dead in the water in seconds.

    I’d ask to see the breakdown for next year’s budget as soon as school starts back, and start as you mean to go on.
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  4. violette13

    violette13 New commenter

    Thank you! I haven’t started yet and already dreading it!
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  5. violette13

    violette13 New commenter

    Thank you! My biggest concern is childcare as I have to leave to pick up my daughter from after school club.
    Just disappointed!
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  6. phlogiston

    phlogiston Star commenter

    Sadly, as managers, they have that "right". Teachers are in a funny place. We are expected to be flexible with the children with whom we work. We are expected to be flexible when it comes to giving extra time and attention (especially the time) to children who need it. We are expected to be flexible if an extra meeting is needed, but we're not necessarily given the flexibility ourselves.

    There is the directed time budget. 3 meetings a week seems somewhat excessive unless they're joint planning or assessment meetings when the back up for T&L can happen - but I bet they're not for that. I guess most of them are what I call hierarchy reinforcement sessions.
    You can act corporately and refuse excessive meetings, You should also be pointing out the other work that you would be doing at this time, the planning the marking, the organisation of your teaching area and all the other stuff that underpins successful learning.

    It's possibly an adrenal / emotional response to a crisis, but they should have had time for the rational response to kick in now. Another way of looking at it is that teachers may have been trusted to work autonomously, but fell foul of OFSTED, so now the work of teachers has to be carefully managed.

    They are hoping to produce exactly the results that OFSTED, school improvement partners or MAT bosses want to see. Nothing else. Happiness of pupils is currently incidental to this. The happiness, loyalty, professional development or autonomy of teachers is possibly not even on their radar. You are an employee employed to do a specific job.
    I would say that at this school, you are employed so they can tick boxes. It's not always like this.
    Spend the summer polishing your CV.
    Pamper yourself.
    Get an action plan for working in a more people centred workplace. Sadly, a people centred workplace is not a right - it's a privilege. I'm lucky to work in one.
  7. violette13

    violette13 New commenter

    Thank you! I’m on it.
  8. Easyasabc

    Easyasabc Occasional commenter

    Unfortunately head teachers get away with loads these days. I advise you to get out while you can. There are some good heads around but to find them you need to be in the know.

    Working for a head who cares little for their staff will only cause: stress; scapegoating; potential bullying; heightened Union concerns; long term.illness and a higher staff turnover..So go as soon as you can. There are happier working environments.
  9. ridleyrumpus

    ridleyrumpus Star commenter


    Instruction 10: Members are instructed not to attend any meetings outside school session times which are not within directed time and where there is no published directed time calendar for the academic year which has been agreed with the NASUWT.
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  10. Easyasabc

    Easyasabc Occasional commenter

    Sadly Union guidance means little in some schools now. And especially when it comes to meeting times or not as the case may be.

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