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Lazy teachers

Discussion in 'Tes Authors' Group' started by gregodowd, May 25, 2016.

  1. gregodowd

    gregodowd New commenter

    I have been uploading resources on TES for nearly 10 years now. I started uploading resources because I wanted to share and hoped to find some good resources and ideas that I could use. Most of my resources are free but I also have a sizable number of 'pay for' resources. I have read all reviews of my resources and I have modified some based on the feedback from users. I have been surprised both pleasantly and unpleasantly by these reviews (thankfully more often pleasantly) but one truth remains. This truth is that the majority of negative reviews come from teachers who have contributed nothing to the resource pool. So, I ask the question, 'Are we breeding a group of lazy teachers who contribute little or nothing to the teaching community by allowing these people to piggy back on our hard work, dedication and selflessness?' I add that I have received some feedback asking for mark schemes to SEN worksheets and tests. Is this indicative of a poor standard of subject knowledge or pure laziness?

    I have thought many times about opening a forum on these lines but I have always resisted but I now think that in a time when independence is being emphasized, quite rightly, as a key life skill for our students shouldn't the same apply to those people charged with developing those skills?
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  2. sabrinakat

    sabrinakat Star commenter

    I always use a mark scheme provided by an exam board when marking past papers, either as mock or practice. I don't see why a teacher asking for the answers/mark schemes for a worksheet is any different, e.g. for consistency as well as clarification of what the answer is. I believe I have excellent subject knowledge, but in the new GCSE, there are some differences in approach and I need a mark scheme to see what the examiners want!

    I think it's pretty dismissive to label teachers who use resources on-line as 'lazy'. In my subject, there is a shared teachers' resource where to join, you have to also upload a resource, which seems to work well. Perhaps you could suggest that, but....it would mean more work for tes :)
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  3. thinkypublishing

    thinkypublishing Occasional commenter

    I'm sure there are some, but I don't know any lazy teachers. I hope my resources save people the considerable time that it takes me to put them together in order for them to get on with doing their teaching. I'm flattered when they're used and I appreciate any feedback to improve them.

    If using my resources frees up time for teachers to spend more time planning, or to make their classrooms look brilliant or any of the other many things that eat into the little time they have available - or for that matter to simply have more time with their own families...then I'm happy.
  4. gregodowd

    gregodowd New commenter

    I have not labelled all teachers who download resources as lazy. Please read what I posted more carefully. I have had hundreds of reviews of my resources and I have welcomed both the positive and constructive comments. However, I have received, in my eyes, several destructive criticisms that have virtually all come from teachers who have posted nothing. Hence, the lazy comment - although at least they could be bothered to comment. I feel that they do not contribute. My comment regarding mark schemes was for SEN and nothing else. If you feel that a teacher needs a mark scheme for an SEN test then I am worried for the teaching professonion in the future.
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  5. gregodowd

    gregodowd New commenter

    I totally agree with you regarding freeing up time. I have used several TES resources. I do, however, feel that there are many teachers who criticize when they have not contributed anything to the 'pot'. I cannot believe that you have not mat any lazy teachers. I have taught in 6 schools and met lazy teachers, as you would meet lazy people in life.. Hence, I feel that your comments are unrealistic since you believe all teachers work hard.
  6. thinkypublishing

    thinkypublishing Occasional commenter

    I said I'm sure there are some! Is that realistic enough?

    If you choose to make your resources available for comment you have to accept that people are entitled to then do so.

    There are many ways of contributing to the pot. Measuring people's contribution solely by the number of resources they share seems a poor and unrealistic method. And a lot of effort to check(!)
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  7. Caligraphy

    Caligraphy Occasional commenter

    I totally appreciate your frustration and annoyance. I have used the occasional online resource but very rarely. I haven't uploaded any myself.

    Posts like this discourage me from doing so again. This feels just like the staffroom teachers who always like to proclaim how hard they work or tell colleagues who struggle with particular classes or students that 'They're alright for me'.

    I do honestly appreciate what you have said, but please, remove your resources if you feel so badly about your professional colleagues. To label even some teachers as lazy is beyond the pale. We get enough rubbish from outside the profession, I think the least we could do is show each other a bit of support on what is a public forum. That is unless you are so reliant on the cash you get from said 'lazy teachers' (Yes, I know you never said all of them) that you are reluctant to do so. Or are the lazy ones only those who won't or can't pay you???
  8. needabreak

    needabreak Star commenter

    In the past I have perused my subjects resources and to be honest as an experienced practitioner they are often too simple for the needs of most of my students and need so much tweeking that I may as well just develop my own as I am fairly IT literate.

    That said some could perhaps have been invaluable in my PGCE and NQT years just to save time, although again to achieve my objectives further work would still be required and we were encouraged to share at uni. It's just that over the years you can build your own bank of information and they link to your lessons plans and programmes of learning and constantly need review and revision as the curriculum changes/develops or in my subjects new case studies become apparent or available.

    I wouldn't take it personally as although I don't bother looking any longer I am sure those that contribute the positive statements are benefitting, despite the others and people like me who just always develop my own in an ever changing context.
  9. JaquesJaquesLiverot

    JaquesJaquesLiverot Established commenter

    I think it might be an age thing - I've been teaching since the mid-90s, and have never used any resources that I haven't made myself, with a few exceptions for things made by colleagues.

    Listening to younger colleagues talk about the changing curriculum, new courses, etc., it's clearly never occurred to make even their own scheme of work even, they just discuss which course to buy.
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  10. needabreak

    needabreak Star commenter

    I could never justify the funds, although to be fair you may have a point in relation to the timeline since there were only a few good packages if any available back then and in any case you couldn't rely on ICT working or being available in any particular school, we were just tearing ourselves away form OHP's!
  11. hammie

    hammie Lead commenter

    schools used to have a stock of text books written by teams of experts int their chosen field. We used to sift through them and pick what we needed to suit our own class. Then make up some extras when we needed them and add a sprinkling of investigations or practical activities. Then some schools decided that all text books were bad and should be thrown away. so now we google and print, or type our own all the time. Worksheets are printed and thrown away, Trimmings adorn the floor.
    And after all that are children learning anything better or more usefully?
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  12. hhhh

    hhhh Star commenter

    Are teachers trusted now though?
  13. dumpty

    dumpty Star commenter

    I do download resources from time to time and would never think of negative feedback even when the papers I get are perhaps not relevant to my class - why would I as the person uploading is working from a trying to help startpoint.

    Also, as I do tend to find I use resources here when in a hurry (asked to cover a class, unable to get what we ordered on time) I often do not get around to thanking the uploader, and I do feel annoyed at this.

    So let me thank everyone who has helped and continues to do so now :) It is appreciated and I hope we all appreciate our realities, that we are often running and somewhat stressed.

    Cannot see the need to moan at someone offering to help, though.
  14. BrightonEarly

    BrightonEarly Occasional commenter

    We model good behaviour to pupils, so sharing resources with colleagues is along the same vein. I have spent many fun hours building my languages website. I could just keep it on my own school intranet, but I hope to save other teachers and learners time by posting it online. It just gets annoying the week before the French GCSE exams as I have to keep emailing my free host to reactivate the site - it reverts to a host advert when traffic exceeds a certain level. Just when pupils are really using it to revise in any way they possibly can! Sadly my long working week has meant I have slowed down adding new resources.

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