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Lazy Students

Discussion in 'Private tutors' started by 911turbo, Jan 16, 2011.

  1. Hi everyone

    I privately tutor adults. My PGCE is in lifelong learning. They normally pay me on time, in advance and because this is private tutoring I don't wish to rock the boat and lose my money, but they don't work! I prepare their lessons and do put in the time and effort, I set them homework but they rarely do it. They are too old to reprimand and I remind them how hard they need to work (they are trying to complete a second year A' Level in a year with only two hours a week of teaching, so they do need to work!) and urge them to do the work and give them plenty of guidance but to no avail. Admittedly a few of them are doing it for fun...? (I didn't quite get that, but still) but the others need this qualification to get into nursing, to be a vet, etc.Yet they still chat through my lessons (I try to bring them back all the time to the lesson) and make some very ignorant and offensive comments that make me cringe (and again I do say tactfully how to widen their thinking). Obviously I don't wish to put them off as they could turn around and say that it isn't worth it, give it up and I will lose my job! I recognise this is the problem with private tutoring...but they will fail at this rate. Any useful tips please [​IMG]
  2. You can't make them do anything, so you need to try and re-motivate them. I am currently studying for a retake in an A level and (as I am a bit behind too) I have had to find a renewal of energy. This meant just sitting down and getting on with it.
    Have you thought about getting them to work out how many weeks before the exams and how many lessons they have left, and then how many chapters they have left. Then tell them how much time they need to leave for revision. This might be enough to scare them into working a bit harder (it certainly worked for me!!). Also, if they have already paid for their exams, it's not likely that they'll quit. (I'd sort this asap if you haven't already).
    Also, it might be worth taking them back to why they are doing it in the first place.
    Hope that helps.
    Good luck! :)

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