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Lazy Parallel Teacher

Discussion in 'Primary' started by charlie84, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. Unfortunatley I'm experiencing that myself and i know how frustrating it is. I know it means she gets an easy ride and it shouldn't happen but i'm finding it's making me a better teacher as i'm having to do alot more and i'm gaining more experience.

    What I have strated to do is give her jobs to do and although she seems to get out of doing them by passing them on to other staff memebers i feel she is starting to get the hint. also i've started not sharing so much, i know that isn't the best reaction but i think if i keep doing it she will realise she has to share and pull her weight (i'm hoping).
  2. It's easy if ruthless.
    1. You agree a lesson plan for a joint lesson (obviously). Make yours the first half.
    2. Still plan for the other half though.
    3. Speak to you mentor and express your concerns.
    4. Run the lesson and when it comes to the dead silence for their bit refuse to budge
    5. Ideally arrange for yoru mentor to "just be passing by"
    6. If they do, aftera suitable pause, stand up with yoru contingency stuff
    7. Enjoy the hero worship and revel in the acute embarrasment of yoru counter part.
    Sorry but too much of this goes on, especially with ATs and NQTs (it happened to me when I was training) . These people should just not be in the profession whether it be because of their capabilites or lazy attitude. Don't accept it.
  3. It really annoys me that people like this manage to get jobs, I would love the opportunity to do something like this!

    Isn't that why NQTs have a 10% reduced timetable? To make it easier for them to manage the workload? Surely whoever is teaching most of the lessons (2/5, 3/5 etc) should be doing most of the planning?

    I'm a scientist so when I've parallel taught during my training, I was usually given the biology/chemistry/physics (delete as applicable) area which actually made planning easier
  4. TeacherMrWomble

    TeacherMrWomble New commenter

    If she isn't pulling her weight as an NQT with only 80% class time then talk to her mentor. If they still don't change then they shouldn't be allowed to pass their NQT year...harsh but true!
  5. harsh-but-fair

    harsh-but-fair Star commenter

    Perhaps we are related ....
  6. We had a weak member of staff that both colleagues and students complained about repeatedly. This resulted in sharing groups to ensure that the other member of the team was on hand to pick up any slack. It was a total nightmare with no support from the line manager. Thankfully, the weak one has now left and things are much better as a result. This was an allegedly experienced member of staff who should have known better.
    As for the NQT - give them specific taks to do and stick to it otherwise you are going to have a very stressful year! Speak to their mentor and raise your concerns. Being supportive is one thing but you're not there to do their job for them
  7. I agree with the people who say speak to the NQT's mentor. If you have already tried to speak to her and had an earful then you are entitled to speak to the next person up. I would also mention that you are upset about the way she spoke to you.
    I would also try to speak to the teacher again, asking for a meeting to agree which areas of the planning you will each be responsible for. I suggest sitting together to do an overview, blocking in objectives etc. then going off and adding detail separately. Say you will be doing the planning and resources for eg. Numeracy, ICT, History & RE and you expect her to provide you with the Literacy, Science, Music & PE by Friday so that you are prepared for next week. Do your part and give it to her, then if she doesn't do her half complain about her to the mentor and whoever else in your school you would take a complaint to (KS leader, Deputy?) and ask what they expect you to do about the unplanned lessons.
  8. I was an NQT last year and in a one form entry so I planned all my lessons from the start.. I am now in a 3 form entry and would never dream of not pulling my weight... (loving the fact we are sharing planning tbh)

    I would just ask her which subject she would like to plan... not IF she would like to plan them. This is definately something her mentor needs to sort though I would not have got away with this last year!
  9. This may sound awful even as an NQT but being new isnt an excuse. I'm lucky i have a supportive year team but we have such vastly different sets that we knew it was useless to plan together so I plan every subject on my own apart from P.E (taught by cover), SEAL which another teacher had the plans for, MFL and Music cos we teach one of these subjects to all 3 classes (trying to minimise the workload) but all 3 of us plan maths, literacy and topic independently. Even if she's new she needs to stand on her own two feet it is acceptable to expect some help and support as it can be quiet confusing but it is unacceptable for her to expect you to do all the work as she needs to show she can plan and teach well (And i dont know about some people but I find it harder to teach from someone elses plans because you cant quite follow their train of though).
    I would put my foot down and say that in terms of working together you will support her but you should be sharing the workload equally and so lets split the subjects in half and if needed u can tweak each others plans for your own kids.
    I would also have a word with her Mentor and see if she can get to the root of the problem is she just not confident with how to plan effectively! I started panicking about this in my first few weeks after a rubbish obo using someone elses plans, got off my bum and looked at the planning from scratch found it was actually dead simple and have felt a million times more confident with my lessons since.
    My year team were quite happy to share planning with me especially while i was feeling unconfident which was very kind but I soon realised that I had to pull my weight and the only way i was going to get used to the workload was to do it myself and not rely on other people.
  10. cornflake

    cornflake Senior commenter

    Why not actually WRITE the plans together...
    I find it a bit odd that people have a planning meeting and leave, without having written up the plans - and then sit down to do this at the weekend!
    We never leave a planning meeting until all plans are written and the resurces made/put in for photocopying. Yes, sometimes we are in school til gone 6, but at least we are ready for the week ahead!

    (I know not everyone could stay that late, but if you can, or if you have PPA together, it's one way you could get her in the planning habit)
  11. geogteachersaregreat

    geogteachersaregreat New commenter

    I've been in a similar situation, although i'm secondary.
    In my first year my HOD basically expected me to teach her schemes of work with her resources, she kept saying their as no need to reinvent the wheel. I kept getting in trouble for photocopying my own resources as she had don enough of her completely outdated ones for both of us. I wanted to plan my own and felt there was a need to do something more engaging and varied then use a textbook, whcih is all she ever seemed to do.
    What i'm saying is when you have a colleague who is seemingly unwilling to work together, whether it be a lazy one or boss one, its never going to be eas. I would agree with the advice on here about giving this other teacher some clear and direct responsibility for planning, but also make sure that she can feedback to you with and discuss the ideas developed.
    Ideal situation is obviously easy collaboration - i had this with my mentor on my second pgce placement and the lessons we produced - and it was a tean effort - were very good :) Hopefully this can happen for you sooner rather than later.
  12. Zoot

    Zoot New commenter

    You're quite right to be annoyed - you should not be expected to carry another teacher, NQT or not. I would do as other posters have stated and discuss the problems you're having with her mentor. If that fails to to the SMT or head. This needs sorting out sooner rather than later - and don't feel guilty - it's not your fault it's hers. As others on this thread have pointed out there are lots of great NQT's out there that would love this job and pull more than their weight.
  13. Envyemerald

    Envyemerald New commenter

    Omg! Nearly fell off my chair laughing! Think the hysteria must be setting in already!
  14. I am in a similar situation but it is my HOD (Foundation Phase) who is not pulling her weight We don't work as a team. There are 3 of us and we all do "our own thing". Planning and assessments are not co-ordinated and deadlines are not met. A term's assessments are given to us in the last 2 weeks of the term. I have tried doing all the plans but that didn't work. I've tried preparing the assessments but get them back after moderation at the last minute. This term my reports were in last because I did the assessments as throughly and honestly as I could in such a short period of time. The head is aware of the problem but is not keen to tackle it as the HOD has been there for 33 years. I am tearing my hair out. Our HOD is also critical of "projects" and creative ways of teaching. The implication is that if children are having fun, they are not learning. Grrrrrrr.
  15. I'm in a 3 form entry school and we all sit down together to plan literacy, phonics, numeracy and guided reading on Tuesday and Wednesday nights to 5, 5.30. I type as I'm the quickest, but we all plan together. That way all our planning is done before the weekend - don't have to give up a weekend to do it - amd we all know what we're doing.
    Then with the foundation subjects we each take 2 and plan for everybody and make all the resources to share.
    Don't let this person get away with not pulling her weight!
  16. What
  17. I had a parallel class teacher who was supposed to plan Literacy - she was a 'Leading Literacy Teacher', so I did all the Numeracy planning. The nearest to a weekly plan I ever got from her was 2 days planning but without the texts and resources to accompany it!! Like a mug, I carried on producing weekly Numeracy plans and resources. Medium term plans for Foundation subjects had already been done by me! She was a lazy b****! Needless to say she blagged and lied her way through!! She's now a Deputy Head, still blagging, still telling lies and still not planning!!
  18. marylamb

    marylamb New commenter

    Have to ask:
    what is are WILFs and WINKs!?
  19. WILF: What I'm looking for...
    WINK: What I now know...

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