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launch for Space topic - year 1. I'm stuck!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by caldred, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. Hi all,
    we are just starting to plan for after Easter when we do a topic about Space with Year 1. I want to do a really exciting topic launch day/afternoon and have hit a brick wall.
    My ideas so far are limited, but I thought maybe they could discover a piece of space ship or something in the wildlife area but then past that I'm not sure. Maybe a bit of a treasure hunt for other things that may have come from the space ship? But then I don't know where I'm going with it!
    The science we are doing is about plants (we look at what conditions/surfaces grow seeds the best) and then we were thinking of doing some map work as well but that could be based on a different planet I suppose.
    I feel like my thinking is rather disjointed and just need someone to help me stick it together.
    Hope someone has a brain that works like that.

    thanks in advance c x
  2. pachamama

    pachamama New commenter

    I did a space topic last year with my year 1 class called 'To infinity and beyond'.
    We designed and made space rockets. In literacy wrote instructions for making space food. Took pictures and then wrote about what it tasted like. In history we learnt bits about who went to the moon first, who landed on the moon. In Writing area ch'n could write a diary about what it is like in space, what can they see etc
    We learnt what planets there are and what they are like (non-fiction writing in a zig zag book)
    For science I think I was doing materials at the time - looking at what space suits are made from and why?
    I was really lucky 2 of the girls in my class had a grandfather that worked on making space shuttles in Russia and so brought pictures and info in.
    The children were enthusiastic about the topic, and enjoyed learning about space.
    We also read the book by Jill Murphy I think. The one where the bear goes to space for a picnic with the collinder on his head - can't for the life of my remember the title.
    Sorry it's all I can remember at the moment.
  3. comenius

    comenius New commenter

    Maybe you could have a spaceship crash or a 'pod' that they find in the outdoor area from outer space (you could just leave it there for them to discover or have clues like green gloop/glitter?! leading to it or close to it). There could be a message inside with some seeds - the aliens love all the plants on earth and would like to grow some on their planet but have no idea how to. This could lead into english - instructions, reports, letters... and the science about growing plants and the conditions they need to grow.
    Could you link your mapwork to this too? Draw a map of their outdoor area showing where there are plants or drawing a map of an 'ideal garden' showing the placing of different plants or a map of a vegetable patch?
  4. modgepodge

    modgepodge Established commenter

    My year 1s did space last term and loved it.

    We did:
    Literacy - stories in fantasy worlds. We also read the Jill murphy book...I think it's called whatever next, also aliens love underpants.
    I did a literacy lesson where they discovered a spaceship crash and they loved it. Just put a load of stuff wrapped in foil in the outdoor area!
    We made space rockets, had a mobile planetarium visit, and also linked to a load of light & dark stuff.
  5. I did this with Year 2s. We started by telling them they had received a message. If you go on the NASA website (children's part) to the astronaut flight louge you can click on the intro bit and then there is a video message from an astronaut on the space station. We viewed this as the launch and the children. There are also videos of astronauts being interviewed about what they have seen from space. The Elmo videos on this website would be absolutely great for Year 1s too. Elmo visits the space centre in America and interviews astronauts about how they go to to the loo etc. I found the best clip of the moon landings on the BBC learning zone. TES iboard has just added some great activities about space for KS1 too. Purple Mash also has some good space activities.

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