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Latest you can start mat leave- EWC?

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by sarah9, Jun 24, 2011.

  1. Hi everyone,
    As I am only 14 weeks it is perhaps a bit premature to be thinking about mat leave yet, but I've always been a planner!
    My union's maternity booklet explains that the latest you can start mat leave is the EWC- expected week of childbirth. Does this mean your due date, or a week before your due date please?
    I am due in the Christmas holiday, 23rd Dec, last day of the school term is 16th Dec. I know I could be being wildly unrealistic thinking I'd like to work as close as possible to the birth, and will of course follow the advice of my Dr and midwife, but if possibly I would like to try to work up until that last day of term, and then get paid even for a few days of the holiday before mat leave kicks in.
    Many thanks in advance.
    Sarah x
  2. natalie27

    natalie27 New commenter

    Im due 1st Nov. I am planning (all being well) to work until half term 21st Oct then put the 31st Oct down as start of maternity.
    As I believe ou can put the due date down as your start of maternity I know this happens for people due in the summer holidays, Their maternity pay can start on the day baby is born! So in your case if your well I say go for it, best to have more time off with baby!!
  3. I'm not 100% sure on the rules but we had a colleaugue who had her little boy on Christmas day and she managed to work up until the hols so I think you'll be fine if you want to do that x
  4. Oh thanks so much for your speedy and positive replies. It would be so good if I could work up until the end of term and better still if I could get mat pay from the day before I'm due- as a teacher you feel as though you've 'earned' your holiday pay for the hard slog you put in during the term preceding it, don't you?!
  5. Hi
    You can put down any date up to and including your due date - I am due 18th July and had put 15th July as my last day to work. I was very determined to keep going right up to that date (due to money!) but it just has not turned out that way - had a few problems and midwives advised me to stop work 5 weeks before due date.
    Initially was reluctant to do it but for the sake of babys health I did but now I just dont know how I ever imagined working right up to due date; I am so tired and feel uncomfortable all of the time, so i supposes leaving earlier has been better.
    Good luck if you can manage it though! x
  6. I was due 8th Jan, worked up to the holidays and then put the first day of the new term as my start date for maternity leave.
    I would say be prepared to be shattered. I'm not sure that I could have physically gone on much longer than I did! Put your feet up when you can and be kind to yourself those last few weeks in school.

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