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Latest time OFSTED might come in the summer term?

Discussion in 'Ofsted inspections' started by ruthiejay, Jun 22, 2007.

  1. Unbelievable, City Girl. ******** indeed. WHAT do they think goes on in schools in the final few days before the summer break? Have any of these idiots actually TAUGHT in schools themselves? Know what the kids are like? Know how teachers feel at this stage in the year - tired out, stressed out and groping for that final day?

    I was the OP in this thread - and had begun to relax, but I suppose the call could come on Monday for the final 2 days....
  2. Ask not for whom the phone rings....

    Everyone else appears to have had them in.
  3. We got the call today at lunchtime- Friday 13th lives up to its reputation, for a two day inspection next Wednesday and Thursday- we break up on the Friday.

    On the one hand it's nice to enter next year knowing we are safe, but equally we would rather not have to go through it when we are all so downright exhausted. Like City Girl, I work in a challenging inner city primary school which is about to have a major staff change and extensive building work, so we have to try and keep the plans for that going while also teaching top notch lessons to a full week of planning. So the displays have all had to be retrieved and put back up just one day after they were taken down! Trying to get the kids to respond to a full blown week of teaching in the final three days of the summer term is going to be a nightmare, and the staff are going to be run into the ground. A similar word to that used in an earlier post was definitely uttered in our staff room today!
  4. Yeah, it sucks, we'd been out of our building and OFSTED knew it was the first day back, we still didn't have everything unpacked. I'm glad it's over though. I am so very tired now and as we all know the pace just gains momentum before the end of term. We have sports day next week and Leaver's Day the day before we finish. I've got everyone I fobbed off on OFSTED days coming in next week. Oh, joy.
  5. We were ofsteded thursday and friday of last week. had to postpone our sports week and everything. wasnt as stressful as i'd expected though!
  6. We were done last week - school got OUTSTANDING!! so that's nice. I have to say that towards the end of the year is actually quite good because you are drowning in evidence and assessment data to show them...Also kids are exhausted but usually on a bit of a high and happy to talk to the inspectors!
    Well that must be the end of it for this year everybody! Enjoy your Summer.

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