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Latest time I can apply to PGCE for 2012 start?

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by Teacher_Jen, Aug 31, 2011.

  1. Just as the title explains. I want to apply as early as poss but dont start my second voluntary placement until October time therefore would prefer to include that in my personal statement.
    Help guys.
  2. Hi Jen. I think you are still best applying as early as possible. When I applied, I was in the same position in that I had another school placement arranged for December. I wrote in the work experience section that I had it set up and in the personal statement, I just talked the experience I already had (in school and other experience such as Brownies) To be honest, you only have a limited word count in the personal statement, I really struggled to get everything in as it was. Universities will mainly use the interview to discuss your school experience and when I went on open days, the course leaders said they were happy for people to state on applications that they had a placement set up usually as long as they would have been in a school by the interview. It's worth trying to get to some open days, I found them so useful, you get the opportunity to ask the course leaders all these sort of queries, as obviously every university may differ slightly. People are still getting places on primary PGCEs even now, so it seems most people have managed to get a place somewhere, even if they applied late. Hope that helps a little and good luck xx

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