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Latest Reception Teaching for interview

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by LucyCruddas, Mar 17, 2018.

  1. LucyCruddas

    LucyCruddas New commenter

    I have an interview next Friday for a Reception teacher post. Although I have previous experience of 6 years of teaching Reception I haven't been in that year group for 4 years. I have to do a 30 minute lesson in English. I have my lesson plan sorted. I just want to check that I'm up to date with latest practice. Any thoughts? I'm doing giraffes can't dance and then a sound scape and reference to growth mindset at the end with what the children would like to do. More ideas appreciated thanks.
  2. Chicken_madras

    Chicken_madras Occasional commenter

    I love the story Giraffes Can't Dance! The most important thing when planning any lesson is what do you want the children to learn? Most of the children you will be teaching will be working within 40-60 months and some may be teaching early learning goal so my advice would be to check the descriptors for literacy 40-60 months and ELG to find out what you need to cover. Some of the children will be beginning to write simple words, others simple sentences. Don' keep the children sat listening for too long. Plan for some activities the children can complete independently in their continuous provision which link to your topic. Try make it as multi sensory and interactive as possible. Sorry if this is unhelpful but not knowing what you have already planned it is tricky to know!
  3. LucyCruddas

    LucyCruddas New commenter

    Hi thanks for taking the time to reply. Agree about the descriptors for 40-60 months and about not sitting for too long. It's a boy heavy class of 11 so even more important. I think I need to make it more interactive, I'm using a sounds scape when reading and there's a post it note activity at the end but feel like there's more need to organise. They are a mixed ability class. Any ideas of a writing task? Is reading the story at the start involving the children old fashioned?
  4. Chicken_madras

    Chicken_madras Occasional commenter

    No reading the story would be ok as long as it is quite short as you only have 30 mins. My interview tomorrow I am doing goldilocks. I am starting with a feely bag with objects from the story and signs to label the objects (children can choose the right one) then we will chat about what happens in the story. Then my focus group have a clipboard and sheet with two boxes. The first box is for them to change the characters. Instead of three bears I am going to have three dinosaurs for example. I will model drawing a dinosaur and they will help me with my sentence for example once upon a time there were three dinosaurs. I will model my sentence. The next box is to change the porridge to a different food. I will ask the children what food I should put there and again they can help me with my sentence. Then they are going to draw and write their own. The continuous provision activities are puppet theatre with characters from goldilocks with laminated speech bubbles so they can write speech for the characters, construction will be building the three bears house and mending the chair (lego) and small world is the feely bag. I also have a jigsaw puzzle for fine motor skills.
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