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latest email from the Dept of Education

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by historygrump, Jun 22, 2011.

  1. historygrump

    historygrump Senior commenter Forum guide

    With regard to your further question 'that teaching standards for present and people wishing to train as teachers must be increased, while at the same time allowing people without any form of teaching training to teach?, again I can only re-state that the Department?s position on this is that Teaching Assistants do not replace teachers. They should be under the supervision of a classroom teacher.

    Head Teachers have some freedom to use Teaching Assistants and in particular Higher Level Teaching Assistants to carry out specified work. We do not as a matter of course intervene in a situation until we are sure that the local grievance procedure has been followed.

    I can assure you that your views and comments have been noted and brought to the attention of the relevant officials.

    What can I say, the dept of education confirms the facts that TA's should be only used under the supervision of the class teacher, this must under the defintion set out by the Dept of Education must include also PPA time, because they cannot take the class, if the teacher is not there to supervise them?
  2. This was a reply from an official in the Department for Education which confirms the fact that so many such individuals in the Dept do not understand what has being going on in schools.
    The official states that TAs do not replace teachers but this has been going on nearly for the last decade but the Dept has done absolutely nothing to correct this issue. Schools have the choice of using support staff or teachers to cover for teacher absence but have chosen in so many cases to use support staff. The same arguement applies for PPA time which is not cover: Since support staff are being used for teaching during PPA time they are clearly replacing teachers and by numerous Dept public declarations and personal letters the Dept recognises that this is wrong.
    This official also states that TAs should only be used under the supervision of the class teacher. In the case of PPA time this cannot occur since a classroom teacher on PPA release time CANNOT do anything other than Planning, Preparation and Assessment and so is barred from carrying out any supervisory duties.
  3. My school has TA's not L4 who plan and teach during PPA time. One even teaches PE across the school which she has to plan for and write reports. Rarely is a supply teacher seen! This is perfectly Ok as let's face it as ... Head Teachers are perfectly free to do whatever they like.
  4. podilato

    podilato New commenter

    This is just another example of how successive governments have allowed deregulation and then brought in self regulation. Of course they know what is going on. They simply don't care.
  5. We now have a completely broken, corrupted and unacceptable system of teacher recruitment, supply teaching and professionalism.
    A completely disunited "profession"...fuelled and weakened by the hypocrisy and double talk from Mr Michael Gove.

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