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Last week at my doctor's surgery ...

Discussion in 'Personal' started by tartetatin, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. You are joking?
    So it doesn't specify
    % tax
    % health care
    % unemployment insurance
    % pension insurance
    % care insurance
    Just one big lump sum deducted????
  2. One deduction for tax, one for national insurance.

  3. Im pretty sure the tax is broken down into its individual parts somewhere, but not on our payslips. Ive never looked into it to find out.
  4. My surgery has recently started one of those annoying automated phone answering things (for appointments press 1, for prescriptions press 2...) which is very annoying as they only take prescription calls between 9 and 11. In my school break starts at 11 so I always miss it! And they are very unsympathetic if you need a prescription outside of those hours.

    I rang once to get an appointment when I had the dreaded stomach bug that was doing its rounds at school. They offered me an ap[pointment the following week. When asked if it was an emergency I said no, and then I was told to ring back the following morning at 8.30 as new appointments would be available for that day. It must be so people needing an appointment asap can get one, but it doesn't half confuse me sometime.


  5. My doctor has online appointments and you can order repeat prescriptions online as well which is brilliant. I'm surprised it isn't more widely available as it also means you can cancel online which would presumably cut down on time wasted as people would be more likely to cancel when they realise they don't want/need the appointment rather than having to wait until the surgery is open and they can actually get through.

    The receptionists are all very nice, but even if they weren't you can also check in using a touch screen and there's a marvellous readout board in the waiting room where you can see how much energy they are using and how much of it is renewable! It's a new building so everything's terribly modern, with an on-site pharmacy which is also perfect for anyone who needs to get back to work without finding a pharmacy. Not sure that the website is down to the rebuild, but it certainly seems to be more technologically advanced than some and it means that those who don't use the internet can get through on the phones more easily.
  6. Tigger1962

    Tigger1962 New commenter

    Here in Sweden we pay taxes and fees
    Landsting tax - which mostly goes to healthcare is approx 10%
    The you pay fees each time you use healthcare up to £90 medical care/£180 for drugs so for example
    - GP visit - £12-£20
    - hospital consultant visit £20-£35
    - nurse/physio etc £8-£15
  7. Crikey - I don't have to pay any fees!
    Tax (depends on your bracket)
    7% health care (pay nothing after that, actual rate is 15% but employers have to pay half)
    then % unemployment insurance
    % care insurance (amount is calculated on whether you have children or not)
    % pension insurance (we can't opt out)
    % company pension (if you choose it as an add-on)
    Solidarity contribution! (we are still rebuilding the East, apparently, haha)
    Church tax (which I don't pay).
    All listed on your pay slip.

  8. magic surf bus

    magic surf bus Star commenter

    I was once put on hold whilst waiting for test results, and the music playing on the surgery's phone system was 'Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word' by Elton John. Fortunately it appealed to my quirky sense of humour.

    You sometimes find the surgery opens before the phone booking system does. I don't bother with the phone any more, I just make sure I'm waiting at the Surgery door when they open at 8am and I get the pick of the appointments half an hour before their phones start ringing.
  9. So how does that work?
    Do they have one receptionist answering calls for appointments and one answering for prescriptions, or two receptionists arguing about who is to answer Inc. no. 1 or Inc. no. 2 or are you connected to a call centre in Mumbai?

  10. I suspect Mumbai, CQ!

    It seems to be they have someone on the presciption line between 9 and 11 and then you get an automated reply of "please call back tomorrow between 9 and 11" if you push that button outside of the time. I sometimes pretend I've pushed the wrng button, and depending on the receptionist, have soemtimes been able to wangle a precription outside of the designated hours.
  11. The receptionists at my surgery just don't answer calls! I was once sat in the waiting room for over an hour (appointments are NEVER on time) and repeatedly watched them ignore the phone ringing while they had a chat and sorted out other little bits and bobs.....I nearly came close to answering the phone myself because it was dricing me mad!
  12. This sort of thing REALLY annoys me. (A lot more now that I am older and less patient / forgiving.)
    There is no need for rudeness in my book - I hate bad manners and lack of courtesy and respect. Why are patients made to feel like nuisances? (I have had this in the past at the hospital.) So many medical receptionists seem to be off-hand and scowly.
    It should be written into a receptionist's job description that she acknowledges patients politely and in a friendly manner. I KNOW they have to face patients for as long as their shift lasts but that is part and parcel of their role and they should do it with good grace.
    Now there is a patient's charter I am all for writing to the surgery manager if I face rudeness. [​IMG]I'd politely mention I didn't like the almost hostile 'reception' I'd received and why was it happening? Get a few others to do it and I bet things change. Someone at my surgery must have said something a while ago because when I last attended all three receptionists beamed at people when they booked in. It hadn't happened before but it was a welcome change.

  13. guinnesspuss

    guinnesspuss Star commenter

    I have to laugh at this thread.
    My nice new(ish) surgery has one of those annoying automated banner boards in the waiting room which dings to call patient's attention to the fact it's their turn with doctor So and so. In between that, it displays helpful messages like 'The delay is now x minutes.' It made me smile when waiting for an early appointment, at 8:30am, I saw it read 'Sorry for the delay'
    I'd like to know why there is so much time spent waiting when so many people duck their appointments.
    On another note: I spent half an hour on Monday waiting for an arranged appointment and was incensed when they hadn't turned up. On going home to retrieve the letter informing me of the appnt I found it was for the 14th yes, but of March[​IMG]
    I have to wonder if I'll remember it!!!
  14. Rudeness really annoys me. When I was a teenager I worked for a shop that placed a high value on customer service (I even think Mary Portas would be pleased). In the time I worked there, although I was a lowly shop assistant, I learnt so much about how to work with the public. I took a lot of the things I'd learned there into other jobs - how to answer phones, greet people, apologise for keeping them waiting if you're on a call etc. And it's cheesy, but a smile really does go a long way! I was at hospital lastr week for an appointment and the two receptionists didn't say hello, or say sorry for keeping me waiting, or even smile. One just stuck her hand out for my letter and told me to sit down.

    We also have the beeping automated thing. It beeps very loudly and makes me jump!
  15. My old doctors used to drive me nuts- you couldn't book any appointments in advance (apparently - although when I was in there they were regularly booking appointments in advance for their favourites) and had to ring up on the day to get an appointment. But they'd randomly change the time they opened the phone lines, and wouldn't ever bother announcing it - so you'd get ready to ring for 8.15, only to find the lines now opened at 8 and appointments were all gone and a really snooty receptionist being very very cross that you didn't know this already.
    Current ones (while he's worse than useless with my depression issues - but that's another story) can't be more helpful on reception to be honest - they'll juggle patients across doctors to get them seen quicker if one is running late and they're happy to see a different doctor, they'll slot you in if it's an emergency, on occasions the receptionist's ducked off the phones for 10 minutes to take a blood sample when they haven't been able to fit you in with the nurse and it needs to be done at a specific time of the month (she's trained to do this!)... just little things like that, plus they run an evening surgery twice a week which is a godsend if you're working. One of the doctors usually ends up running about an hour late though - but since he's actually spending that time talking to patients and treating them properly rather than the two seconds - hit print for presciption routine lots do - you kind of don't begrudge that as much.

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