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Last week at my doctor's surgery ...

Discussion in 'Personal' started by tartetatin, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. Not sure about the UK - but it is not difficult to get an appointment here, even after "working hours" and you don't need one at all to go to your GP. Most doctors here offer evening appointments for those that work - considering they start at about 7 in the morning, I should damn well think they are annoyed if you don't bother to turn up.
    Work out their hourly wage and it ain't a lot at the end of the day, especially once costs are deducted.
  2. If the GP surgeries round here (certainly the hospital outpatients )actually had all the booked appointments turn up on time then they would be well knackered. Most appointment slots are double booked to counter redundancy.
  3. egyptgirl

    egyptgirl Senior commenter

    It is also probably something to do with the insurance and the contracts they have to have to practice medicine on the premises of the surgery.
    I think you're being too harsh here - there may be some doctors like that but I know of several that regularly go above and beyond the call of duty. It's not an easy job.
  4. My OH has to go to the doctor (well,normally the nurse) regularly as he is diabetic and they are still monitoring his medication etc, and his doctors surgery is rubbish. It is a big surgery, in a deprived area, and an area where the majority of people do not speak english. The languages they do speak are of a vast range. The receptionists are rude (both on the phone, and in person - they do not look up when you come in or aknowledge you are there until they have finished faffing with their bit of paper etc. You stand there for a few minutes feeling a bit of a plum.) They are also a nigtmare to get an appointment with at a decent time. OH is reluctant to move because he gets on well with his nurse.
    My doctors is a different kettle of fish entirely - much smaller surgery, and they have been nothing but great. Quick appointments, friendly staff.

  6. He could, but as I said he is reluctant to move because he gets on very well with and values his nurse. She has been brilliant through his diagnosis of diabetes and helping him get the right level of insulin/medication etc.
  7. I can't go to my local surgery, which is annoying, and have to drive across town to a very deprived area where they aren't very good to be honest. I keep contemplating going private ...
  8. mandala1

    mandala1 Occasional commenter

    I tend to be delighted when there are no-shows before me. It means I won't have such a long wait.
  9. I really do not understand your system.
    Why can you not just register with your nearest doctor? (sorry, can't see who posted it - the poster who said they have to drive over town)...

  10. sorry, can see now - princessdiaries, I meant your post.
  11. Lol mandala!
    I don't know, cq, I guess it must be because of patient numbers. It is annoying though, although it could be worse as I drive but it would be a real nuisance if not.
    In fairness the walk in centre were absolutely brilliant last time I went - I was worried as it was an intimate problem (thrush) and I had an elderly Indian doctor but he was superb and so kind and reassuring. Wish they were all like that!
  12. Sorry to question again and again - does that mean that your doctor is only allowed a certain amount of patients?
    How do you know where else to go to?

  13. Ye Gads, my dialect.
  14. Where do you go with your children?
  15. Surgeries have a number of patient spaces that they can fill. If they don't have any spaces you can't be on their system even if you live next door.
    The choices website shows all surgeries that are taking on new patients in your radius.
  16. The same doctor I am registered with. I guess it must be related to numbers - when we first moved here about six years ago I went to register and they said they weren't taking any new patients at the moment! Annoying!
  17. So you pay your NHS fees but numbers per surgery are limited?
    And you don't have extra doctors for children?

  18. I pay taxes, if that's what you mean by fees?
  19. hmmm, well some of your deductions are for NHS, aren't they?
    Or are the deductions not separate? (I have never had a UK wage slip, so no idea).

  20. It doesnt specify on your wageslip what goes where CQ, but yes we do pay for the NHS via tax deducted from our wages.

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