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last post erased!! would like info on school in Bahrain - patron saint of travel;)

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by max5775, Mar 2, 2012.

  1. max5775

    max5775 New commenter

    This is what happens when Geordies are taught to use computers. They sit in the dark in their office texting the Junior School and generally making peoples lives unbearable......geddit?
  2. the hippo

    the hippo Lead commenter Community helper

    Dear damsel_in_distress, perhaps you should think about joining the International Schools' Review. It contains thousands of reviews of international schools. Maybe you will find several reviews of the school in Bahrain.
    If you mention specific schools by name, then the TES moderators will most probably delete your post and indeed the whole thread. Mentioning specific schools by name is against the terms and conditions of this forum.
  3. SMT dude

    SMT dude New commenter

    Before it got nuked, the last thread featured a Cassandra cry from someone who believed Bahrain might be going the way of Libya or Syria.
    That would be a crying shame. The pen portraits of staff on the web site, compulsive reading in a tacky sort of way, make it clear that for the teachers and their partners and pets, the 'lifestyle' is a great attraction.
    So - until the deluge, let the party swing on.
    After the catastrophe there will be ample time, if you pull through, to sit in a darkened room texting. And the few survivors will look back wistfully on these months in 2012 as their own sweet poignant June 1789 or August 1914...
  4. q8living

    q8living New commenter

    look at Al Jazerra News!
  5. q8living : look at Al Jazeera News!
    Yeah.. do you guys know what's going on in Bahrain?

    Ted Kottler
    ‏ :
    No one
    should be tortured & it shames me my govt funds the regime in #Bahrain (&
    others) doing it (@JoeTrippi can spin it
    4 u). #NotANumber
    Don't listen to clueless Bernie Ecclestone or the regime sycophants who are in denial about what's really happening there..
  6. Karvol

    Karvol Occasional commenter

    They are not in denial at all. They just prefer not mentioning it.
  7. tollolo

    tollolo New commenter

    Google for the British worker who was pulled from his car by irate Bahrainian youths and had his fingers sliced off a few weeks ago because he went into the wrong area (on a 35 mile wide Island.)

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