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Last lesson of term

Discussion in 'English' started by captain_picard, Mar 18, 2016.

  1. captain_picard

    captain_picard New commenter


    Any ideas for an end of Easter term lesson? It will also be my last lesson at my current school, so I'm looking for something interesting to end my time here!

  2. saluki

    saluki Lead commenter

    Don't know. I planned lots of nice activities looking at magazines, which I thought would be easy and fun. None of my students were in the slightest bit interested. It was a lead up to exam practice - presentational features. They are not interested in the exam either.
  3. fineliner

    fineliner Occasional commenter

    Last year a colleague of mine challenged the kids to come up with a creative explanation for the Easter Bunny - basically to write the myth. They really went to town and made amazing interactive models - one one the myth told in 6 stages each inside a home-made egg that the teacher had to 'crack' to read. They were fab. If you set this as a project for the last week, then your last lesson could be very relaxing as you sit and watch the presentations. Of course, your successor will need to find a way to display all the work they bring in!
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