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Laser Cutting help please! - coverting images to vectors to cut

Discussion in 'Art and design' started by PhotoJohn, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. This may be a long shot - but really need a point in the right direction on this!
    We have recently got our first Laser Cutter and are very happy with the results we are getting from it and have no problems creating files in Corel or Illustrator and sending them to cut.
    However, increasingly students want to take an image they have scanned (like a drawing from their sketchbook), a photograph, or an image they have made in Photoshop, import it into Corel or Illustrator and get it turned into a vector line drawing so they can get it cut out on the Laser.
    Does anyone have any experience with this or know of any guides that go through the process? We have tried a few methods but without much success!
    Any help would be most welcome!
  2. you might want to have a look at Autodesk's 123D software that's free & in beta. There are specific laser cutting features.

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