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Laser cutting from 2D

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by aslondon, Aug 31, 2011.

  1. aslondon

    aslondon New commenter

    I normally draw my laser cutter guides in IIllustrator (because it's more accurate and not as clunky) - however today having cut loads and loads of plywood which looked ok - it was all the wrong size - each piece was about a 10cm too large of an oversize of about 100mm. Whya re Illustrator files importing in too large. I'm gutted as I spend an evening drawing up everything and day cutting with realising the problem.

    Any ideas? Very very frustrated!
  2. I'm a Techsoft 2D Design fan myself
    I usually use the scale feature to prototype and Quality Check in thick card
    Allows importing of many formats
    We also purchased student licence and give each pupil a copy
    You probably know all this anyway but thought I'd comment
  3. was scale to fit ticked?
    We have to constantly remind kids in PS and Illustrator

    just a thought

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