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Language trips

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by MrsMacPLatt, Feb 16, 2012.

  1. Dear Joe,

    My son's school offered a one day trip to Calais to a shopping mall as a language trip at the end of Year 8. My son tried his French out in McDonalds and was answered in English. Remembering that his school is a language college, I presume this trip was meant to inspire the students to value the language they were studying and the culture it represents.

    There are no language trips now until Year 10, so all they got was a day in Calais in the whole of the first 3 years in secondary school in a language college.

    What sort of trips are offered at other language colleges? Can anyone help?
  2. dalej

    dalej New commenter

    Dear MrsMacPlatt,

    We used to go to Brittany on a 5 day educational visit every year and the pupils got a lot out of the experience. With rarely cover now and the economic times, running trips is more problematic but they are still very much worthwhile.
  3. andrewpi44

    andrewpi44 New commenter

    I think that it's pretty normal for French staff to always reply in English - I lived in France for three years and hold a degree in French and they still do it with me! - I usually just persist in speaking French!! - Most school trips to France, be it a language college or not, are pretty much always the same but in my school we open our Christmas trip and our day-trip in summer up to all of KS3 and KS4 who do French but we only do so because we'd struggle to fill it otherwise!

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