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Language Show Live Show & Tell Sat 17th Oct

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by HelenMyers, Oct 11, 2015.

  1. HelenMyers

    HelenMyers New commenter

    I hope lots of teachers are going to come and join the ALL London's Show and Tell, hosted by Joe Dale and me this Saturday 4.45-5.45. Please look at this post for more details. Copied below:

    Joe Dale (ICT whizz extraordinaire) and I will be hosting the event, and Linguascope and Vocab Express are giving anyone who attends a token entitling them to a free first drink across the road at The Hand and Flower immediately afterwards (6 pm onwards). (You are welcome to join us even if you do not attend the Show and Tell, of-course!)

    People are often quite modest when it comes to standing up to ‘show and tell’ but we do our best to put you at ease! There’s no clock ticking .. no fixed time allocation.. I just gently sidle up to people and smile if we need to move on! You don’t have to join in.. you can just watch .. and I won’t bully you into joining in if you don’t want to (!) .. but the more the merrier! It is always a successful session .. nothing is better than REAL teachers sharing what REALLY works for them.

    Occasionally when people want to show slides / websites / applications, the computer blocks things. In order to avoid this problem, if you would like to have peace of mind before presenting, please feel free to mail me your slides, or give me link so that I can pre-load them. I will need this by Wednesday evening as I am foolishly (but joyously!) going out on Friday evening! You can do this by contacting me directly, or writing details on this google doc:
    Finally, if anyone has a little party piece they could do at the show and tell, please let me know. We already have a quiz and magic tricks, and I am prepared to take my guitar and amp if we have any budding musicians! Sadly John Connor cannot make it this year, but I’m sure there are some singers out there …!

    We had a fantastic time last year, and we plan to have a fantastic time this year as well!

    See our Flickr album here for pics from last year.

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