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Language Lab

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by GroovyGuzi, Oct 27, 2011.

  1. Nowadays they tend to be multimedia digital labs. The old audio-only labs are becoming rarer and rarer. Have a look at this document that I helped produce for CILT. It was first published in 2005 and has underdone regular major revision ever since:
    It looks at digital labs from three points of view:
    1. The Senior Management Team
    2. The MFL Head of Department
    3. The ICT Manager
    It's a large document of around 30 pages, with links to many resources on the Web, and should answer most of your questions.
    Graham Davies
  2. many thanks Graham, i seem to be getting bombarded by e mails from Sony about their lab. This puts me off a little, do you anything about it?

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