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Landlord issues

Discussion in 'Personal' started by cazone, Apr 22, 2012.

  1. cazone

    cazone New commenter

    Moved into a house over 3 months ago to be advised by landlord a week after we'd moved in there was a drip in the garage roof. We spoke to the estate agents who said they didn't check the garage before we moved in and believed that everything was fine but they stated they had done a complete house check before we moved in and everything was fine. We queried this as you can see the hole in the roof from the spare room and they somehow missed it.

    Now the annoying part, we still have a huge hole in the roof which is now leaking drastically especially with all the bad rain we've had. We have had numerous conversations with our landlord and he said it would be fixed in February - nope didn't happen, then he said it would be done during Easter hols - still not done.

    Where do we stand here? We don't want to move out but we have alot of stuff stored in the garage including our washing machine which we use regularly. Are we able to not pay rent and use our rent money to fix the garage roof - which incidentally now needs a complete re-do rather than just the end half! Do we take legal advice and force him to do the garage roof? We don't know what to do and my other half is becoming unbearable due to the leak and water all over his electrical equipment in the garage.

    Any helpful advice gratefully received
  2. cazone

    cazone New commenter

    Sorry it was all in nice paragraphs but for some reason they've gone and disappeared
  3. chloejewel

    chloejewel New commenter

    I would be looking at your contract from the landlord and your agents. I'm assuming you pay a fee to your agents- they need to be chasing this up for you.
    Whatever you do, do NOT withhold your rent. The landlord could evict you if you fail to pay him.
  4. Can't help you, but interested to read any replies... I've got a landlord who still hasn't fixed the hotwater - best I can get is lukewarm in the bathroom ( scalding in the kitchen though), also, the shower in the main bathroom leaks and is damaging the floor and ceiling below (reported less than a month after I moved in, seven months later it is still not fixed, even though there have been three independent reports to the landlord) and finally, for the last six weeks the smoke detector has been beeping cause the rechargeable battery is dead so the whole thing needs replacing (is hard wired so an electrician is required). None of these things can be done by me and the LL is stalling on getting them done to save him money, even the agency who manages the property can't get any response for action.
  5. cazone

    cazone New commenter

    The estate agents state that the property is let only so they only contact the landlord on our behalf. But do they not bear some responsibility for not spotting this before we moved in and telling us the property was in good condition when in fact it wasn't?
  6. Crowbob

    Crowbob Senior commenter

    Keep up the pressure on the landlord BUT, if the hole was so obvious, why didn't you notice it when inspecting the property before letting?
  7. cazone

    cazone New commenter

    Because it wasn't obvious to us when we looked around the property before christmas, it happened over christmas and the landlord didn't tell us how bad the problem was. We were told it was a drip which we felt we could live with until he sorted it out. We couldn't see it as the garage roof had tons of moss and branches on it and it was only when the roof was cleared that it was visible. We were told the estate agent had checked the house so didn't think tbh that the problem was as major as it was.
  8. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    Contact the Council's Housing Department for advice. They will be able to tell you what your rights are and what the timescale is for a landlord putting right notified maintenance issues.

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