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Lancashire R.E. planning - help needed!!

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by rainbow19, Aug 30, 2011.

  1. Not sure where to post this request so will post in a couple of forums and hope someone can help.
    I have been given the responsibility for R.E. in my school which covers all key stages (KS1-KS4) for pupils with MLD/SLD. Unfortunately there is very little in the way of SOW/planning in existence in the school and I am expected to sort this problem out even though this is not my field of expertise!! I have attended a days training about the SACRE which is used to base the curriculum on in Lancashire.
    Even though the school goes up to KS4 we generally only use the primary curriculum as pupils are working, throughout the school, between P3 and Level 3. I desperately need help/ideas for writing a SOW for the whole school so if anyone has any examples they are willing to share I would be extremely grateful. Any examples of long term plans would also be helpful. Infact, anything would be better than what is in place now!!!!!!!!
    I really am stuck on this but feel that R.E. has been overlooked for so long in our school and needs a fresh start.
    If anyone has any examples they are willing to share please email me at rainbow19@hotmail.co.uk
    Thanks, Rainbow19
  2. Lancashire might still have advisory teachers, if they do I suggest you contact your RE adviser, if they have been deleted try a nearby primary school. Good Luck
  3. Nope, we sadly lost our amazing adviser in the cuts but she is doing some independent stuff so if you need her contact details let me know.
    Meanwhile try the following

    there are pretty detailed non statutory units on there for primary which should give you an excellent starting point to adapt.
  4. You can try http://webarchive.nationalarchives.gov.uk/20090608182316/standards.dfes.gov.uk/schemes3/ for some useful skeleton units from QCA. These go from KS1 - 3 so should be useful for many of your students.

    Regarding KS4, I was researching Entry Level qualifications yesterday and found I was wrong about what I thought they were. They are actually for any students not likely to achieve a G grade at GCSE, but provide a really good structure and sense of achievement for students from L1-3.

    There are some good books for RE from REToday at http://shop.retoday.org.uk/ for different age groups - you would have to write units of work, but these may fit into broader RE topics.

    I can send you my KS3 prog of study and example unit of work if that would help?

  5. NQT45, thanks for the offer of KS3 POS. I would be grateful of any help so if you could send me these units it would be great.
    Thanks, rainbow19@hotmail.cno.uk

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