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Lancashire GTP interview

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by davidcurrie03, Feb 10, 2010.

  1. Hey everyone!
    I today recieved a letter saying I had got onto the next stage of the application process, being a mathematics and literacy test. However it does not state what the tests entail,whether it be written comprehension or multiple choice. Has anybody got to the second stage of the application and if so do you know what the tests are?
    Thanks for your help in advance.


  2. [​IMG]
    Hi David,
    I was invited by Lancs consortium last year to the application stage you are referring to. The Literacy test was to read and article and answer a question about it, supporting your argument with evidence from the article. The maths test was a mental maths test equivalent to a Level 5 SAT paper. Don't know if it will be the same format this time though.
    I was placed on the reserve list with 1 other, but unfortunately a place did not become available. I received my letter form GRTP today too, so here goes round two!!!
    Good luck
  3. Hi Kat, Thanks for replying, thats great. Can you remember from last yer how long each test lasts? Also, was the literacy test on an educational issue? what was the question if you can remember?
    For the maths test what kind of topics were you tested on?
    Good luck this time round!
    Many Thanks
  4. In total, the tests last about 2 hours. They are stupidly simple, I spent a good chunk of my time looking out the window or at the people around me!
    In fact, I think I spent some of the time writing letters to prospective schools as at the time I didn't have a placement....
  5. Hi, I have never applied before and have reached the first stage - coud I please ask for some info too - is there any kind of personal interview at this stage or is it all just information and these tests?
    Just wondering how much I need to prepare?
  6. Hi,
    I have heard today that I am through to the next stage, the formal interview! Any hints, or suggested reading would be gratefully received! Good luck all!
  7. Hi Matilda,

    I was wondering if you could give me any insight into what the application seminar consisted of. As i have received a confirmation letter to attend one on the 27th but it just states that it will consist of a Maths and English assessment. Any support would be appreciated thanks. Hope you managed to get on the programme?

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