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ladies - what is your 'uniform'?

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by trinity0097, Apr 8, 2008.

  1. trinity0097

    trinity0097 New commenter

    Dark trousers and 'tops', plus I have about 10 different 3 quarter length sleeve v necked jumpers that are fab, in 10 different colours (not bought all at the same time, over the last 7 years!).

    You generally need one posh suit type thing that can be wheeled out for interviews, funerals etc.... Other than that you wouldn't need a 'suit' for everyday.
  2. Asda, Matalan, Tesco then you won't be too put out when a kid spills something on you or in my case ingredients get bandied about a bit too enthusiastically.
  3. I generally wear dark trousers/skirts with plain jumpers. Sometimes i wear a shirt under the jumper. The main peice of advice I would say is to make sure you have comfortable shoes. I certainly couldn't walk in high heels all day, and it't important that youaren't limping all day!
  4. trinity0097

    trinity0097 New commenter

    Shoes is an area I wouldn't scrimp on! e.g. I buy one pair each season of expensive shoes (think £50-100) not tat from high street shops, but then my feet thank me for it!

    There's a fab shoe shop, old fashioned, where I live, I go in there, sit down and they know that I'll be wanting another pair of teacher shoes as I'm an infrequent regular, so they rummage around out the back and bring me out things to try :eek:)
  5. trinity0097

    trinity0097 New commenter

    Also make sure it's machine washable and tumble dryable, and preferably won't need ironing, e.g. something you could take out the dryer, hang up and then wear.
  6. i swear by primark

    as I'm quite a "young" teacher, I try to wear stuff that is totally non sexy, but without dropping my personality- highwaisted skirts with shirts tucked in are my "uniform" and I wear nice accesories to make it my own.

    As an ex topshop employee, and a self confessed shopaholic, I found it really hard to find the right balance- but now I feel really comfotable with what I wear...though I'm dreading summer when it gets warm, I think I'm going to die in our stuffy classrooms!!

    Oh and flat shoes, though I still totier round in my stilletos because I'm hardcore!!

  7. Malaguena

    Malaguena New commenter

    Smart trousers in dark colours and shirts or fitted long sleeved tops. Flat shoes.

    Definitely swear by Primark and Matalan - its so cheap, you can chuck out all your washed a million times stuff at the end of the year and not feel guilty!!
  8. Malaguena

    Malaguena New commenter

    Smart trousers in dark colours and shirts or fitted long sleeved tops. Flat shoes.

    Definitely swear by Primark and Matalan - its so cheap, you can chuck out all your washed a million times stuff at the end of the year and not feel guilty!!
  9. cheers for the replies so far - lots to think about.

    to be honest im dreading shopping for shoes. i can barely walk in heels, so i know whatever i go for will have to be pretty flat. but im a half size and have one foot noticably bigger than the other so as you can imagine shoe shopping is nothing short of arduous at best! still, any excuse for a trip to the factory shopping outlet!!!

    how do you cope with the very cold/warm weather? are layers the way to go, so that you can add/remove (within reason - nothing worse than over excited hormonal y9 boys :D ) as necessary?
  10. Nice to see teachers are such ethical shoppers!

    Buy stuff cheap from places that use five year old slave labour workers, then chuck it out!

  11. Variations on black trousers and skirts, with many different coloured tops, blouses, overshirts, etc. It looks less boring than it sounds.

    On my feet go my trusty Doc Martens. Shiny, practical and comfy.

    I have one suit and pair of "posh" shoes, saved for interviews.

    I would advise, when trying on tops, to make sure they're not too indecent if you have to lean over!
  12. trinity0097

    trinity0097 New commenter

    I make sure I wear a vest in the winter, easy way to keep a bit warmer without creating bulk! I'll soon be onto tops without vests if the weather improves! When it's really cold then it's scarf with everything. Having a plain black/grey cardi that will go wtih anything in your room is a great staple for when it's cold!
  13. I hardly wear trousers so here is my list of my usual wardrobe

    - Several wrap type dresses
    - Knee high boots
    - Woollen skirts, tank top and long sleeved T shirts
    - One black skirt suit for formal occasions
    - Black skirt, various blouses and black cardigan
    - Black pointy court shoes

    - Long linen skirts and blouses
    - Linen trousers and tunic tops
    - Linen shift dresses
  14. I tend to but a lot of stuff from M&S as it's good quality and a more muted interpretation of the trends.
  15. I'd agree with thinking about teaching when you buy it. I've been looking for some nice summery dresses this holiday but all have very indecent plunging necklines which are certainly not suitable for me to teach in!

    I always ensure that I have an outer layer on my top that does not need to go over my head (hope that makes sense). So it's usually either a skirt or trousers which are dark with a coloured top, nice necklace and cardi or jacket.
  16. perfect sense whistler and very logical seeing as i always manage to get myself in a right tangle when taking off jumpers and such!!!
  17. I always wear black stockings with a suspender belt and red frilly knickers. Of course I have to wear them under trousers because, ooops, this is a question for the lasies sorry. Wrong thread, ro wrong site!!!!!
  18. WillowFae

    WillowFae New commenter

    I have a problem with necklines. I'm short and even Petite ranges seem to have necklines that plunge too low (I'm obviously shorter between my neck and cleavage than clothes allow for).
  19. Malaguena

    Malaguena New commenter

    Miniem not eminem - ooohh, getting told off for not being an ethical shopper!

    Sorry, on a teacher's salary, I should be buying good quality stuff from Jaeger and Jigsaw and making it last - even though marker pen stains on tops an occupational hazard when you are left-handed like me.
  20. Don't be so stupid. You can find high street shops such as M and S and Next that are more ethical than Primark.

    It's a choice between wanting lots of up to the minute fashion cheap bits vs fewer pieces made decently.

    The old money excuse is pathetic - so child labour is ok for you because you don't earn much money? Ignorant ignorant ignorant.

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