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Lacking back up

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by laurapops, Feb 23, 2012.

  1. Hi,
    I was just wondering what other people would do in the following situation:
    I am an LSA who also teaches ASDAN CoPE to a group of year 10s alongside another LSA. We have a pupil in my group now, but has been recently moved from the other LSA's group due to differences with another member of the group, who is autistic and spends a lot of time in our department and hates it. She is very vocal about her hatred of us and coming up to our department, to the point where she swears, has made completely unfounded accusations and earlier in the week she called the other LSA a t**t to me.
    As with any other child, I reported this incident and she was removed. When I dared to ask what had been done about it I was told that she was sent home...which is funny because she's on a reduced timetable and goes home after my lesson on that particular day. After school the next day I find out that she was going to be excluded for the day for swearing about a member of staff, which turns out to be a separate incident. This seems to be sending the completely wrong message to me; she swears about us and doesn't get punished but gets excluded for doing the same to someone else??
    This isn't an isolated incident and whenever we report her behaviour we seem to get fobbed off. I was just wondering what any of you would do in our situation?
    Thanks :)
  2. i can't offer a huge amount of advice, i'm afraid, but i can empathise with your situation...similar things happen where i work - children are excluded for hitting a teacher, but TAs are expected to deal with it, for instance...
    the only thing i can advise is to go to your line manager / SENCo and ask his/her advice. also, it might be worth logging any incidents with this child so you have a record of what has happened, and any follow-up (or lack thereof).
  3. bluebell27

    bluebell27 New commenter

    I would ask about the behaviour policy as there should be some guidance on what constitutes exclusion and procedures for managing behaviour. One of our pupils was sent home for swearing at a lunchtime supervisor so it shouldn't matter what level the adults are working at if it is a school rule then it applies whoever the member of staff is. I I would bring it up with someone senior to you when you think its appropriate so that you can clarify and support the school rules and you are then highlighting contradicting strategies that should apply across the whole school.

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