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Lack of teaching jobs?!

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by RACHELSCOUSEGREEN, Mar 5, 2011.

  1. It appears there are a lot more qualified teachers, than there are teaching positions available. Is there a shortage of teaching jobs?!
  2. It appears there are a lot more qualified teachers, than there are teaching positions available. Is there a shortage of teaching jobs?!
  3. Reicheru

    Reicheru New commenter

    It greatly depends on what subject you teach. For example, this week in the TES there were 10/11 pages of Maths jobs but only 2 pages worth for History.
    What are you applying for?
  4. I am applying for Secondary Religious Education. It being left out of the Ebacc is causing me concern!
  5. Things could all be different by the time we have finished PGCEs and are applying for jobs.
  6. More likely to be even worse than it's now!
    Government has cut a huge number RE training places. This may sound like a good news, as there will be less competition, but the reason behind the cutback is the demand for RE teachers, which is expected to decrease substantially over the next few years. Not being selected as part of the English baccalaureate is a blow, but many schools are cutting back on RE provisions, scaling down departments and not employing specialists but combining it with Citizenship and PHSE, or lumped together with Humanities.
    There will continue to be demand for RE in church schools, and this is what you should target in your job search. It helps, but not essential (except probably in RC schools) if you are a practising Christian able to support and enhance the school's Christian ethos.
  7. winteriscoming86

    winteriscoming86 New commenter

    Hi, stumbled accross this thread.

    I fear this situation still hasn't improved ( I hope the original thread write has found a job this year!)
    I am a qualified Music Teacher with Drama as my 2nd subject and actively looking for employment for next september or earlier if possible as my school is having money issues and is making compulsary redundancies.
    I currently live in Yorkshire but able to work in North Lancashire; but sadly there aren't any jobs for either of my subjects. I understand it is early days for looking at posts; however I have this ever growing fear that there maybe no job for me in next Sept due to either; staff not moving from job to job like they used to; or staff are staying put for economic reasons.
    I feel I cannot work for an agency or retrain for another job/sector as like many other teachers, I have a mortgage and family to provide and pay for, therefore the odd day of work could not cover my expences and going back to school isn't an option.
    What are my options then? Should I give up on teaching and go and work at ASDA?
    any suggestions would be great!

  8. You should consider, as many musicians do, to offer instrumental or singing lessons, become a peripatetic and offer private lessons to make ends meet, as well as church organist or as accompanist. There are sometimes openings in school music service with local authority.
  9. barneystinson

    barneystinson New commenter

    Jobs are hard to come by, unless you're willing to move down South or teach one of the very few "in demand" subjects.
  10. winteriscoming86

    winteriscoming86 New commenter

    Good Idea,
    do you know whom I would have to contact within the Music service? i.e. coordinator etc

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