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Lack of Support as an NQT

Discussion in 'New teachers' started by squashbabe49, Jul 24, 2011.

  1. squashbabe49

    squashbabe49 New commenter

    Can someone give me some idea on what sort of support I should have had as an NQT.
    I am in a tough school and struggling with behaviour mangement. My mentor is not really supporting me and I have only had 1 mentor meeting this half term.
    My final half term runs from September to the October half term and I am very worried that I am not going to complete my induction year successfully.
    I have had two observations by the head which have been marked as inadequate due to behaviour management.


  2. Firstly, don't panic! I know it must be worrying but hang in there and document everything ( support and lack of it). I would also document any targets they have given you and what you have put in place to meet those targets ( even if they have not supported you with it).
    During my NQT year, I was given regular meetings with my mentor ( once a week for the first term, every 2 weeks in term 2 and every so often in my third term). I was observed once a half term, allowed to go on any courses I thought would be useful, and was able to visit other classes and observe teachers throughout the school. I was also given targets each term and we discussed how I could meet them etc. These were reviewed each term and my mentor went through my reports with me.
    Are you a membr of a union? It might be worth contacting them and making them aware of your situation.
    Do you feel the head marked you fairly in your observations... do you also feel there are issues with behaviour management? What age group do you teach?

  3. squashbabe49

    squashbabe49 New commenter

    Thanks for that. I have visited other classes to watch other teachers at work.
    I have only been observed once every half term.
    My mentor has set targets but they never seem to get discussed. I spent 2 free periods typing up stuff for my evidence file, only for my mentor to be out and not be there for our meeting. The missed meetings have never been rearranged.
    I have documented what has happened.
    Just not sure where to go from here to get through the next half term and pass.
  4. Well done for keeping a record of everything. Have you contacted your union?

    What year group do you teach?
  5. squashbabe49

    squashbabe49 New commenter

    Thanks for that James. The second observation did show that I was trying to put things in place with behaviour management.
    With everyone's advise I am formulating my plans for next term to ensure I get the support I should have.

    Thank you!


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