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lack of students opting for DT due to E bac

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by designerwhirl, Mar 31, 2011.

  1. I teach in a school in a rich suburb. Full of types who would do ebacc. However DT numbers are very high this year, higher than last year. About 250 students in a year, About 200 have opted do to DT.
  2. Same here, doesn't help that we are also pitted against the option of them going to college on Travel 2 Learn schemes. Sigh.
  3. Like turpy we have been annhilated and those kids that chose DT options to start in year 9 have been told to re opt so
    Pd 2 groups to 1
    Food 3 groups to 2
    Textiles- always oversubscribed 3 groups to 1- devastated.
    AND we are a tech college for a few months more at least- that will go to.
    1.5 posts lost through temp conrtact not to be renewed and a retirement planned over a year ago (mine)
    In addition Dt time at KS 3 has been reduced from 3 lessons a week to 2 to make space for extra MFL teaching.
    Go compute people. The near future will be challenging.
  4. distress affects spelling
    will go TOO!
    we are in a leafly suburb as well
  5. Actually I agree with you bigpedro - have told remaining team to do just that!
  6. Doubt if it will be as long as five years.
    Although the eBacc came swiftly it could go as fast. Employers and universities are already making their opinions heard.
    The CBI is talking about the need to include D&T /Engineering in the new NC.
    If you look at the Select Committee for Education webcast on the eBacc, you will see what I mean. Plus last week's Ofsted report complaining that schools were not offering a 21st century D&T curriculum.
    Once the UTC get started, and remember they got £150 million after the budget. there will be cries for comparable opportunities for all.
    A new Secretary of State might not have the same views as Mr. Gove and cabinets get reshuffled fairly frequently.
    So sit tight, keep your eyes and ears open, continue doing a good job and wait for things to change.
    In the meantime get up-skilled and present what you do in the most favourable light. Enter competitons , run projects that provide the press with copy, and sell yourselves!
    We have a great subject, employers value it, kids love it. Time to fight the accountants masquerading as educational managers.

  7. mmjkaejec

    mmjkaejec New commenter

    Keep the faith we are the only subject that offers it all. Our A level numbers are soaring Perhaps most Tech teachers love the subject and are not intrested in escaping the workshop.
  8. I think (hope) that England moves to the situation that will soon be law in Wales. The Wlesh Bacc basically encapsulates a LEvel2 threshold qualification into the Bacc. English/Maths/Science and 2 others. This seems more realstic. my sons are studying Mechanical Engineering at University and MFL would be virtually useless unless as English is the common langage of Engineering along with the ability to design.
    It is hard to read anything into the recent announcements when faced with the very strange opting patterns I have had over recent years.
    I have an Electronic Products group every other year but when I do it is usually a healthy size.
    I have an engineering group every year but one year it is full of bright and interested and the next it full of dead wood.
    Last year we had none opting for Catering at all and this year - 2 full groups!
    I just hope there isn't a bit of 'eugenics' going on with the SMT when they do their Yr9 interviews and that the lack of Mathematics teachers (my 2nd subject) does not influence the timetable. I also hope I am not so old and grumpy to really beleive this. Errrrrrrrrr hmmmmmmmmm? Strange that they seem to know that ElecProd is not running this year before the College interviews in the same option column have even been done.

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