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Labyrinthitis - we dizzy people!

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by Kitschwitch, Aug 6, 2006.

  1. I'm in my second week of waiting for the scan appt to arrive - am seriously worried about going down to half pay before this gets sorted. there's no way I can function in the classroom without a hearing aid and they won't start that process until after the scan.

    what about vestibular rehabilitation exercises - have they suggested that to you?
  2. I too am suffering! I was diagnosed 4 years ago with minears disease which is hideous! I am a nursery teacher and feel quite ill nearly every other week. I have had Tinitus for the last week which is making me feel like im going mad! What can i do?
  3. Glad you found your way onto this thread:) Have you been prescribed anything to help?

    TBH, I'm getting more benefit from the alternative route - kinesiology and acupuncture both make a difference and improve the blood flow. So does cutting out salty food, caffeine and chocolate.

    Have you had a look at the site www.meniere's.org
    - it's got a good forum board where you can post questions.

    Are you seeing a consultant?

  4. oh! I sometimes find that I can get some releif from the tinnitus by using white noise e.g. using a radio or playing music very quietly when I want to get to sleep.

    the problem with the tinnitus is that you can become sensitised to it and you need to train the brain to focus on other sounds. think of it as a naughty child and give your attention to the ones that are behaving well:)

    but I know how it feels!
  5. I had that 2 summers ago, was horrible.... there is medication you can take. Its comes back in small waves when i'm stuffed up and my ears are blocked
  6. Yes, was diagnosed with Labyrinthitis about 6 weeks ago. Kept falling back and sideways in the classroom and had permanent nauseous feeling. Got in a complete panic in a museum with lots of people in it, heart pounding away. Pills they gave me just made me feel very drowsy. Have a permanent 'watery ear' feeling. Don't know what this is.
  7. yes there are certain thigns you cna do to help.

    No caffeine
    NO alcohol
    no flying
    no driving
    dont get water in your ears
    dont get your ears syringed
    dont wear headphones
  8. as well as dizziness it makes you feel like your IQ has dropped about 20 points.. i had kids aksing me my name and i wa slike ' eh .. what ?' ummm
  9. Hello
    I have been waiting to see a consultant for 3 months. I had an appointment last week but was too dizzy to drive so had to reschedule! I used to take betahistamine pills which helped a little. I have bought a sound machine ie water, rain sounds to put on at night! Somedays you feel SO awful. It makes me feel stupid, i repeat questions, cant talk straight when i am having an attack!
  10. Hurrah, Xmas has come early... I finally got my scan earlier this week, though goodness knows when I'll next get an appointment to hear the results.

    I haven't been given any exercises to treat my symptoms other than 'relaxation methods' to distract my brain from the tinnitus. However, my tinnitus therapist is keen to pass me onto the dizziness therapist despite the ENT consultant saying that my vertigo 'wasn't evident enough' when I last saw him!


    P.S. Haven't been so hot at keeping up to date on this thread... you know what it's like with the lead up to Xmas!!
  11. so glad you've had your scan - I'm still waiting for mine. hoping the serc will kick in soon and make a difference.

    apparently, in the states serc is known as the "miracle drug". it's not licensed yet over there so suffering americans are travelling to canada to be prescribed.

    I'm starting lipreading classes on Monday - might as well do something positive while I'm off and waiting for the hearing aid.

    wishing everyone a clear and steady day:)
  12. I suffer infrequent bouts of BPV and have found the Epley manoevre to be an almost miracle cure - though I do feel sick while it is being carried out. My GP did it first and then, on my next attack, my partner & I looked it up on the net and he helps me do it (you need another person to support your head). Can thoroughly recommend Epley for BPV.

    My heart goes out to you sufferers of labyrinthitis - BPV is bad enough! Hope the serc works - Stilmetil never really worked for me.
  13. And last night.... I sodding fainted!

    ARGHHHHH... just when it was getting better.

    Maddy :eek:(
  14. maddy

    how are you now? I missed your last post.

    I contacted my consultant's secretary today because he told me he wanted to see me in four weeks (that was a month ago and no appointment still)

    apparently, because he has referred me for a brain scan I won't get an appointment till after the scan. and I won't get the scan until the end of January - I told his secretary that I don't give a hoot about the scan but I need a hearing aid and I need to get back to work before my pay goes down to 50%.

    sorry, she said, you're not urgent.

    so. I have five dependents and I am unable to work because I cannot function hearingwise in the classroom. some people in my situation would have given up. but my school wants me back and I want to get back. my son at university needs me to go back because his loan doesn't cover all his rent. my four younger sprogs would love me to be able to hear - having a deaf mum is hard when you're not used to it.

    SO I cannot work.

    I have 5 dependents.


    I AM MAD


  15. phoned my GP and explained what was going on. I now have an appointment with the consultant so hopefully will get a hearing aid in the New Year.

    If I hadn't chased up the appointment though I would have been none the wiser. could have still been without an aid when my sick pay went down. now I've got a chance of getting back to work.

    note to fellow dizzies - please don't assume the medical system is rolling round on your behalf. keep a diary of appts, conversations etc. Be proactive. Disease of the inner ear means possibly being in for the long haul so be prepared:)
  16. Ive had vertigo for well, four weeks Sunday. I have been prescribed Stemitel for which I needed more so was given a second lot (about 84 of them - only need 3/4 a day) - Was just wondering does this stop symptoms temporarily or actually clear them up. The doctor in the hospital said I had a lower or middle (not sure which) which I presume he could see with his little light thing. I dunno what to do, just want to know if and when it might clear up or if any more damage has been done and what this will mean for my Christmas breaks. Not really feeling symptoms anymore but unsure whether to go back to Dr. McDickhead cos he didn't seem to worry.
    Oh yeah, anyone else get the paranoid "I've got a brain tumour/heart problem" thing, makes things ten times worse for me!
    Hope you all feel better soon
  17. So many thanks to you rosencrantzand. I have had a good read, feeling so much better recently (although been to McDickhead about palpitations I've been getting for a long time now and he quickly blamed anxiety? I don't give a **** bout anything, weird) and having a blood test for thyroid problems but thats another story. Still managed to even play football and go to a club for a few hours so feel very lucky at the moment. For those of you suffering I really hope it gets better soon and it doesn't ruin Christmas for you. Merry Christmas all xxx
  18. Just posted this on another thread!:

    Can anyone with Labyrinthitus help?

    I was signed off work last year for about a month ago with Labyrinthitus - dizzy spells, stumbling (when trying to walk etc.) I had previously had flu and my GP said they could be connected.

    I've had this constant 'watery ear' feeling for about a year. GP recently gave me nose drops and pills and said that the two may be connected - Labyrinthitus and the watery ear feeling. She said that although the condition can be treated in hospital, they (the hospitals) don't generally like to see cases referred as they can be treated with medication (nose drops and pills) from GP in the first instance.

    This afternoon my daughter was pushing me on a roundabout and I blacked out. Froze, everything went black and I couldn't co-ordinate getting myself off the roundabout, so just fell backwards onto the ground like an insect with my arms and legs in the air! Trying to get up was extremely hard, felt like I was drunk (no I don't drink at all!) and I was wobbling everywhere and feeling nauseous.

    Was I just going too fast on the roundabout (wasn't actually that fast!) or is this a sign of Labyrinthitus worsening?
  19. Just been to seen my GP. She's referring me to the ENT specialist at hospital for a procedure whereby they throw you upside down to rebalance the gravel-like stuff in the ears. She says I'm off balance! Does anyone know anything about this procedure?

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