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Labyrinthitis - we dizzy people!

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by Kitschwitch, Aug 6, 2006.

  1. my mum was saying that it's still coming and going and she is really dizzy, feels sick and gets major sore heads. the thing is she's reluctant to go to doctor again because she says it comes and goes. last time it happened really bad doctor gave her tablets for vertigo and said thought it was recurring innner ear infection so now mum just takes a couple of these tablets every now and again when feels yucky but i don;t really think this is a good solution. any comments, ideas etc!
  2. hi. i think you've answered it for yourself really. your mum doesn't see it as a problem because it comes and goes. That is the nature of some inner ear dosorders and they can be managed so they don't affect life so much.

    Perhaps if you sat down with her and say "Look, I know this comes and goes but it seems to have gone on for a long while." Suggest that you write down a history of when it started, how long the symptoms lasted for etc. Suggest she takes the notes back to the doctor and ask for a referral to ENT.

    To be honest, she will probably go on like this (and it's a choice) until she shifts her thinking about needing support. Perhaps you could tell her how worried you are and how it is affecting you. We mums are batty creatures - we tend to put our own needs last but will ofen do something for ourselves when we realise it is making someone we care about unhappy.

    On the other hand, she may genuinely believe it is not affecting her life that much and I suppose you have to respect that too.

    Good luck. Thanks for coming back to let us know how you are getting on. I was thinking about you.

  3. Typhoon

    Typhoon New commenter

    I have been reading this thread with interest and growing trepidation... I had a bout of Labyrintitus about 18 months ago. It lasted for a week, and I can honestly say it was the worst illness and the worst I have felt ever in my life-time.
    I was unable to walk anywhere at all for the week, or even get out of bed, and felt sick constantly. For the first time in my life, I was completely dependent on my (then) partner. I felt so guilty lying in bed all day, when he was out working til 7pm, then coming home to cook, tidy the house and feed the cats. At its worst, I could not even move my head at all because this caused the room to spin violently and I also found that I couldn't do anything either, when I tried to read this just made me sick.
    A doctor had to be called out on a home-visit as I was so bad (on a Sunday night as well), and I was diagnosed with Labyrintitus and given pills for the sickness, which didn't really work. When I was still no better the following Friday, I managed to crawl over the road to my doctors surgery, and was given some tablets for Meniere's and told to take lots of vitamin C! To my relief, my symptoms did improve after a week, so I presume the illness had just run its course.
    I totally sympathise with anyone else who has these symptoms, as it is the most grose feeling to feel so sick and dizzy all of the time. I was told by both the doctors I saw that this was just a 'one off' bout of illness, probably brought on by a virus, (I had had a bit of a sore throat the week before) and I was not likely to suffer from it again. So far, touch wood, the symptoms have not returned.
    However, reading your posts it seems that others seem to be suffering from recurring bouts of this Labyrintitus and that it seems to be an on-going condition? Is this true? How likely am I to suffer with this again? I dread another bout of this dreadful illness!
  4. sounds like a one off bout to me since you had a cold/sore throat beforehand. I know it sounds daft but try not to worry about it anymore and rejoice in your good health.

    at least if it comes back you know you are not alone and that there are very good therapies available - main thing would be to start a referral proces if it did kick off again.

    don't worry
    be happy
  5. I had a condition diagnosed as benign positional vertigo for nearly 7 years. The illness came on suddenly whilst on the way to work one day.

    I felt incredibly dizzy and sick but never vommited. I had to go to bed for three days at a time with the room spinning and a feeling of sheer exhaustion. I believe it was linked to stress and I usually came down with the symptoms on my days off. The ENT told me it was not stress but was linked to the way I looked at objects. Apparently tests proved that I was not moving my head properly to view the world and that this was causing the problem.

    The strange thing about the illness was that the symptoms dissapeared as if someone had flicked a switch and I got an overwhelming feeling of euphoria. I could literally go from feeling vile to feeling brilliant in an instant.

    I was told that It would improve with age and sure enoughh it has because it has completely gone.

    I felt at one stage as though I would never get better but once I realised that I could get through it I actually started to improve.

    I had great support and I hope that anyone who is suffering can keep the resolve aand belief that they will recover.
  6. hey there,
    I have just found the post... I had an ear infection about 10 years ago and suffered dizziness for that time leading to a diagnosis of labyrinthitis. I was on medication for it (serc / stemeril - excuse spelling) and for a period on 2x the recommended dose (under a consultant). anyway... about two years ago i finally had mri and vestibular tests and found out that the inner ear balance stuff was completely shot (80% damaged) and given three options:

    - grommit in one ear,
    - to have the ear decompressed (possible hearing loss)
    - have the nerve from the ear cut which would involve some brain surgery.

    I went for the first one and after some initial trauma it was great - still a little bit of dizziness but able to ski, ride a motorbike, high wire (I joke about the last).

    the grommit has lasted nearly 2 years and then came out. that wasa couple of weeks ago and so far so good. might come back - sort of expect it to. if i can have another gromit then great or I might have the ear decompressed (hearing loss fine if no more spinning).

    I also tried lots of alt therapy - oestopath (there might be compressed vertebrae in the neck head - there was in mine and that aggravated the situation) and the best (and slightly wierdest) was acupuncture as it increased blood flow in the outer / inner ear.

    I think the key thing is to get a proper diagnosis; this seems to happen to professional people who have stressful jobs. ho hum. minor surgery worked for me, the drugs didnt.

    interestingly it took a locum to refer me on to the ENT and then a process of tests etc that lasted over a year. maybe next time i will go private and find the £1500 for the op. the strange thing is that it might never come back, but i doubt it...

    Best of luck!
  7. it's great to hear other people's experiences - as the OP says, the dizzy world can be a lonely place at times.

    mr d , glad to hear all is well with you despite what you've been through. BPV, I believe, is to do with the accululation of crystals in the inner ear and can be helped by encouraging the sufferer to use head exercises to shift them. One of the worst aspects of it seems to be the strange way it makes people feel - some describe it as if they are out of their bodies. wierd:)

    dogboy, Will def ask my ENT consultant if a grommit would help. Have tried serc etc. Interesting that the alternative therapies helped the blood flow to the ear - I have acupucture and it really does make a difference. Kinesiology helps too - don't know how it works but glad that it does help. Thanks for posting.

  8. rubbish spelling, sorry. I blame the brain fog:)
  9. I only just found this thread. I had awful symptoms of this as a child and then as a young adult. Once it was so bad that I had to call out the emergency doc who gave me an injection, because I couldn't stop being sick. I have been told that the condition can be exacerbated by aspirin, so i avoid that now. I think stress can trigger an episode too. Touch wood I rarely get it nowadays though can self medicate with a simple travel sick pill bought over the counter which really helps.

    I can empathise with you all. It really is bigtime yeuk!

    lev x
  10. Been to the quack and what the use was that???

    Sent home from work cos I keep falling backwards.... then I add in dizzy and lightheaded (often worse after eating!) Spaced out would be the best phrase...

    What is wrong with me????

    maddy... in another universe...
  11. madscientist

    how are you today?

    have any of the stories on the thread here shed any light? does labrynthitis or BPV (benign positional vertigo) fit your symptoms?

    are you experiencing fullness in one or both of your ears? ringing in one or both of your ears? pain?

    hope you're feeling better today.
  12. Hi fellow sufferers
    Succumbed to labyrinthitis earlier this year in spectacular fashion in front of large class - attack so severe lost balance and fell. School nurse highly concerned and insisted on medical check which resulted to trip to casualy and numerous neurological tests. Labyrinthitis then relief as not as serious as other options. However, this does not detract from unpleasantness of condition it lasted for about 10 days and left me exhausted and nervous about the concept of recurrant attacks. Am pleased to roprt that despite two more bouts with attacks occuring over several days neither of these anywhere near as severe as initial illness. I do think the 'take a couple of tablets and not worry until the next bout' approach is useful as it frees the sufferer from feeling stressed about the condition - I would qualify this by adding that this is only wise if thorough investigations have been carried out by the doctor.
  13. Finally someone at the drs listened to me...

    A minor illness nurse... especially as I almost fell over as I got up off the chair to see her....

    I now know that I have bubbles in the fluid in my inner ear and an ear drum that is nicely deforming... how lovely...

    And yes I was told to tell work labrynthitis as this is the best description. Given some nice drugs to stop the vertigo too...

    Hopefully I will see an improvement soon!

    maddy... the more dizzy than normal one!
  14. Glad you got the medical support you needed and hope you have a speedy recovery. Take it easy. Have a moan here anytime - plenty of ears to listen. lol

  15. I had viral labyrithitis for a few weeks once. I really don't know how you manage to teach with it! I couldn't even walk to the loo (scooched there on my bum or crawled when it got a bit better!)

    I'm sorry I don't have any advice, but well donefor getting on with things - it really is impressive!
  16. Hi
    I have had two bouts of labrynthitis once when I was 17 and once when I was 22 both times it lasted for about a week with no apparent reason for it. I had not had a cold or ear infection. These days I find that I occasionally get dizzy spells that last for a fewseconds for no reason. I do suffer from a lot of headaches and sometimes get prolonged dizziness with those. Two weeks a go i was sent home from work because of dizziness and i now have a bit of ear trouble.
    Any light that can be shed?
  17. headaches and dizziness can sometimes be a feature of cluster headaches - might be worth reading this before you speak to your GP


    Don't diagnose yourself though; always best to seee GP

    take care

  18. rosencrantzand is right, if you have any vertigo attacks then get it checked out by a GP. There are many inner ear conditions that mimic each other and only an expert can differentiate between them. I have BPPV - Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo. I finally had it diagnosed many years ago - it's caused by small crystals breaking off in the inner ear, they stimulate the balance hairs which confuses the brain. Stress can be a trigger. I was sent to our local hospital Clinical Engineering Dept where they trained me to use specific head exercise to "trap," the crystals in the ear canals. It's been very successful for me and other sufferers.

    mad.scientist - I hope you get relief real soon - keep on taking the tablets!
  19. i had labyrinthitis once - my house felt like a mansion (instead of a terrace)because it took me 25 minutes to crawl to my young daughter because she was crying. Once back in bed I got my son to get my mobile so i could phone Mr TJ and get him to come home. It was horrendous - so my sincere feelings for anyone who has this regularly.
  20. I've had labyrinthitis coming up for four weeks now and I'm desperate. I feel so sick (not actually been sick) and dizzy constantly. I've got progressively worse over half term and had to come home at lunch today during first day back.

    Does anyone have any ideas how I can feel a little better?? I'm on stematil three times a day and I'm taking 'ginko' to increase blood supply to head, 'garlic' to fight virus, 'echinacea' to boost immune system and a general vitamin tonic.

    I'm thinking that I'm going to have to go back to docs tomorrow to get sick note, don't think I can face going in.

    It's really getting to me now though (and husband). I frequently break down in tears and can't cope anymore! Help!

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