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La haine (Scheme of work).

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by gazpj, Jul 24, 2012.

  1. I have been asked to write a SoW for the Kassovitz film 'la haine' over the summer. Would anyone be willing to contribute any materials or even a SoW for me to base this upon?
    Any help or guidance anyone could provide would be greatly appreciated. I would of course be more than willing to share my finished piece with any contributors.
    Many thanks in advance!
  2. sam enerve

    sam enerve New commenter

  3. The zigzag resource is brilliant and yu can just follow that - your HOD should be giving you the OW anyway!!!
  4. I haven't been given a Sow neither, I've spent ages last year looking for a scheme of work rather than booklets but never found anything. I think i'll start writing my own sow over the summer because I'll never have one otherwise. It'll be my second year teaching it so I feel more comfortable with it now.

    We start Year 13 over the summer term and I thought I would do more preliminary work on the film before showing this time. So I started with the first lesson only on the générique de début and the two trailers whereas last year I haven't covered these with such depth. They contain a lot to discuss and think about! and I thought it gave them much more material to understand the movie and also started to get them used to think/question/analyse what they see.

    I just found the Zigzag booklet a few weeks ago, it is indeed a nice backup and gives some ideas to get started. Then I've personally made a mix between different booklets, my ideas and personal experience.
    As a lot of it is very cultural, and I had to spend some time explaining how it was/is now to grow up in a banlieue, how growing up in the 90's was in general in France, what the political situation was, what was all the fuss with all the your mum jokes... The verlan (how and why) and I ended up getting them to have a mini your mum joke competition (was hilarious), and all the arts that are represented as well, music especially. Even if back in 1995, nobody knew Vincent Cassel, most of us had never heard of Proust, but we did know who was Cut Killer! That mix still is a legend!
    Being native, I find it hard sometimes to really put my finger on what is it that makes it challenging for the kids but I found that it's all this banlieue atmosphere, what is means, why they exist, how they work, the sense of pride, community and belonging you have there etc, that they found harder? Don't know if I'm right or wrong though... But i ended up doing a few lessons on this before going deeper in the film

    The book by Ginette Vincendeau is also quite useful, I'll try and see in France if there's an equivalent in French but I haven't found anything looking on the internet. And the script as well is interesting, as it is not necessarily what actually ended up in the movie. So that reinforces the fact that there was a lot of freedom given to the actors/real life aspect, and it also contains some details which are not mentioned in the movie in the end (for example Hubert's dad is not mentioned at all in the movie).

    The scenes in colour are available on Youtube. There is also a one hour Lecture Video by Frederic Bas on the web, I'm pretty sure you'll find it by googling Frederic analyse La Haine. I found the guy to be "slightly" boring in his tone of voice, but what he says is interesting! The UK DVD version I have (with english subtitles grrrrr) also has the commentaries from Kasso, long, but some interesting details and anecdotes.

    On youtube, there are also a few reportages around the movie, from what I remember there is at least one pour les 10 ans du film avec des interviews de toute l'équipe du tournage d'une heure et demie et un autre, où c'est un des habitants de la cité qui explique et raconte le tournage, comment les gens de la banlieue ont réagit au début... I also showed them one short video about the banlieue near where I live, there was someone commenting on one of the "Barre" being destroyed and the fact that even if it was ugly, rubbish, unsalubre etc, actually quite a lot of people were not so happy about it as it was a symbol of the community, and even one song "j'aime mon quartier" ,the kids from Villeneuve wrote to "celebrate" the destruction of the cité Paul Bert. Personally not a fan of the music but the lyrics were spot on to underline that sense of pride to belong to a banlieue. (yes i love youtube!)

    What I personally find the hardest, is the timing as I still have only one hour a fortnight to study the film, given that they'll need to have decided their exposé title fairly early on in jan/feb... And there is so much to talk about in this film!!
  5. sam enerve

    sam enerve New commenter

    Rremember when writing your scheme that the A2 spec requires you to study the work of a director, not just one film.
  6. smoothnewt

    smoothnewt Star commenter

    That depends on the exam board. For WJEC students need to study one film.
  7. sam enerve

    sam enerve New commenter

    You're right, of course, smoothnewt. I just assume everybody does AQA.

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