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L.E.D's and photosensitive epilepsy

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by A Hopkinson, Jan 6, 2011.

  1. I am currently teaching the mood light project at KS3 from Kitroniks, although my own knowledge and understanding of electronics is very limted.
    Would anyone be able to adivse me on the above. I have a pupil in my class who suffers from photosenitive epilepsy and seems to think she can not use L.E.D's. I am concerned and don't want to harm her in anyway but has anyone experienced this before? can L.E.Ds affect sufferers of epilesy? and how could I work around this problem?
    Any advise or knowledge on the matter would be great as at present no one I talk to in school is sure if LED's are a risk. I can only work on what I have been told by the yr8 pupil and my lack the experience in electronics does not help.

  2. I have known a number of epilepsy sufferers and they have all been effected by different triggers. If the child says that she is triggered by LED's she is almost certainly right. The only further information you could get on this is by contact with the child's family to ask them for advice.

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