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Discussion in 'Scotland - education news' started by kalamazoo, Oct 15, 2007.

  1. ambrdale

    Alpine! That was the one. We used to get three big bottles to last us the week but they weren't half as good as Barrs. Nevertheless it was a big thrill.

    Our butcher was Peter Weepers and he made fabulous steak pies. We always had an enormous one on New Year's Day.
  2. our ice cream van sold Curries juices and my favourite was dandelion and burdoch, goodness knows what was in it. another favourite was red cola, especially with a dollop of ice cream.
  3. I used to squander my pocket money in Marrs in Tranent on sweetie "tobacco" - red pouches of toasted coconut, shredded just like baccie! Yummy!

    I would say it has gone the way of sweetie cigarettes, but I saw a shop in Renfrew selling those the other day :-|
  4. Scotia, I'm still laughing at your post. We were the same and bought 3 bottles to last all week. Alpine had the wierdest combinations of flavours and each bottle must have had enough e additives to sink a ship - how did we ever survive??

    Pineappleade, bubblegum flavour, tropical mix...

    After a few years the Alpine man was replaced by Soda Stream and you knew people were miserable if the bottle tasted like fizzy water with just a wee bit colouring because they didn't want to use up the syrup.

    I far preferred Soda Stream to Creamola Foam which gave me the boak but I drank it anyway because it was the only fizzy juice (!) you ever got (apart from when my daddy had a hangover and gave you a wee sip of his gingerbeer). Happy days!
  5. What about ice cream drinks made with cream soda? Sheer bliss on a hot day watching Ally's Tartan Army in the World Cup on telly- when school summer hols seemed to last forever!
    We had loads of vans, a few "general stores" where you could buy anything fron a pint of milk, to firelighters, fish van, bakers van (always smelled gorgeous), butchers van etc. They were always known by the owners name eg "Bobby's van". But does anyone remember the "rag man"? He only came round us once a year or so, and had a trumpet type thing which he blew to let you know he was there! I was still young when he stopped coming, and I have no idea what he actually did! I just remember he gave out balloons to the weans!
  6. We used to go to the rag man with bundles of clothes and you would get a balloon or a lolly and my mam would go mad because she thought her bundles of clothes were worth more than that. Our rag man came on a big open back lorry and all the clothes just lay bundled on the back.

    This was in the long hot summers when we spent the whole day picking tar off the street, making perfume with rose petal and water (yuck! I can still smell it when I think about it) and had concerts round the back door and charged people to come in.

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