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Discussion in 'Scotland - education news' started by kalamazoo, Oct 15, 2007.

  1. Who remembers kwenchy kups/jubilees?

    Can we still get them?

  2. Who remembers kwenchy kups/jubilees?

    Can we still get them?

  3. try spar...im sure i saw a kwenchy kups in there!!!

    what about Creamola foam....i loved that! x
  4. yes you still get kwenchy cups but they do not taste the same as they did when you were younger.

    creamola foam disappeared years ago, they don't make it anymore.
  5. I got creamola foam in Tescos last summer. Didn't check the sell by date though....

    As for Kwenchy cups/jubilees they were known locally as joobjoobs. Top lips would go numb, tongues would be dyed but they were the business on a hot summer's day.
  6. FAO Scotia...

    "creamola (sometimes referred to as cremola) came in a tin and was made by Nestle and discontinued in 1998"


    have a look at http://www.doyouremember.co.uk/cat.php?catID=24

    mojos!wham bars!caramacs!jaw breakers!dip-dabs!

    don't know how i still have my own teeth lol
  7. Do you remember the intense pleasure which occured when you'd just flipped the ice block in the cup and now were sooking away at the side which had more concentrate...
    Ahh bliss!
  8. kalamazoo


    * death by creamola foam *


    Excellent description of a very vivid memory
  9. Emzo

    Emzo New commenter

    You can still get wham bars and dibdabs in a wee sweet shop in my hometown - and they're legit! Most exciting moment for me of late has to be the return of the wispa!
  10. had my first wispa in years in dublin airport on thursday night...it was sooooooo tasty...i bought 3 ...!!!
  11. i managed to get some cremola foam a few years back, but was disappointed as it did not taste as good as i remember. wispa bars are being promoted in all our local suermarkets just now. my kids have been eating rainbow drops lately (sweetened, coloured,puffed rice) and that still tasted good.
    spangles were also a favourite and of course mojo sweets which were 1/2p each.
  12. subman68

    subman68 Occasional commenter

    I bought some Chelsea Whoppers yesterday, I did not want them but I could not stop myself, I think I was going on some sort of memory impulse, I must have looked a real sad old git an old man paying 40p for 4 whoppers.

    I was schocked they used to be only 1p per strip
  13. I loved Dip Dabs! Wasn't keen on the liquorice one tho but I did love the one which came with the wee lolly...

    OK vivid memory no.2...anyone else remember trying to heap up the sherbet on the wee lolly only to get it to your lips when the wind blew...
  14. I used to blow all my pocket money on a Mint Cracknell [sp] every Saturday from Mr Jarvie's van. The height of decadence.

    Did anyone else have vans coming round almost daily?- we had a grocer's van [Mr Jarvie who was like a beardless Santa Claus], a fish van from Anstruther and a juice lorry on a Friday[wasn't Barrs though]
  15. I still remember when my pocket money went up to 6d - at last a sherbet fountain for 3d AND 1d for 4 black Jacks, 1d for 2 Cowan's caramels and 1d for my piggy bank.
  16. Emzo

    Emzo New commenter

    Me nd my big brother used to fight over blackjacks at halloween. Really bugged me when they americanised guising and now call it trick or treating.
  17. Scotia, our 'ginger van' was Alpine and was then replaced by Solripe.
  18. jacqui.rod...rainbow drops wow had forgotten about them!

    mazzypann...saw wispa in somerfield but they wanted 45p for one-didn't buy.

    ambrdale..SOLRIPE lol Solripe Limeade what a memory...their bottles always seemed second rate compared to Barrs for some reason
  19. I won a huge tub of sweeties just before the holidays - lovehearts, drumsticks, rainbow drops, double dips and the like! Haven't eaten any of them for a long time, took me back!

    Creamola foam...I don't think I ever had that until I started drinking alcohol - one pub in the town sold vodka and creamola foam...god I still remember it...well, some of it!!
  20. I recall huge pyramid shaped ice lollies called 'Jubblies', but 'Juicy Jims' in our part of the world - Dumfries.

    A van - McMichaels - came round weekly with lemonade. A baker's van also visited 2/3 times a week. Among much else, it sold potato puffs, and cheese crisps. Note: cheese without the onion - delicious. And a Mr Orr came round almost daily in a grocer's van. But he scared me. My mum ordered her messages from a shop in town, and had them delivered. The butcher brought the butcher meat, obviously.

    I still think of myself as quite young. Honestly. I do!

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