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Kuwaiti Job

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by EarlofRochester, Mar 28, 2011.

  1. Thank you all for your quick responses. they've reall whetted our apetitie's for sun and plenty of sand :)
    Would really like to know more about the footy out there as I play alot here in BKK i really want to keep this going. Any contact info a bonus
  2. I left a long, long time ago. Everyone I knew there has moved on.
    Or died....
    However, the staff at the school will have all the updates on all you'll need from social to sports and other outdoor stuff.

  3. But some that you knew from Egypt have moved out to Kuwait.
  4. I wondered where you'd gone to!
    Is it the school on this thread?
    How do you find the place (you'd better off PMing me...)?
  5. Not the one on this thread no.
    I know a few folk on the football and rugby side, so its easy enough to find out what you want to know.
    FP you will have mail.
  6. School is excellent. It is family run and the owners are nice people who leave the running of the school to the Head Teachers. What age range do you teach? As you are not married you will not be able to officially live in the same apartment but normally the school will give you 2 apartments one next to the other so you are better off. You can get a cellphone straight away and connect to 3G so you have internet access at home. Some things are a hassle like getting a driving licence but by half term you should have it. You can earn lots and spend little. Cars are half the price of UK. You can top up your salary with tuitions and with luck save your salary and live off your tuition money. Kuwait is not a bad place to live and as everyone is in the same boat they tend to stick together. You will make lots of good friends. Expect lots of parties.
  7. Thanks Calculator for the information very reassuring. It all seems so exciting. We are to be married in July so we'll be in our honeymoon period when we arrive!!
    I teach High School, My fiance Primary. We were told to joing the British Embassy when we arrive... what sayst thou?

  8. The British Embassy??? Why? Probably on of the most useless entities in Kuwait where ordinary people are concerned. Register by all means but dont expect any intervention. A very exclusive club. I think you may be misinformed on that one. Good luck with the job. Kuwait is what you make of it.
  9. Ha Ha Ha LMAO
    Isn't it funny that the British Embassy is seen as useless the world over! My lordie, here in BKK they go out of their way not to help their citizens - there are some absolutley crazy stories of negligence and indifference!
    And yet our cousins across the pond seem to get the whole star stripped treatment at the slightest hint of trouble!!!
    Might be interesting to start a thread asking for experiences of us royal subjects abroad, at the hands of our emissaries

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