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Kuala Lumpur wage. Have I been duped?

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by eaboukhatwa, Dec 13, 2018.

  1. gulfgolf

    gulfgolf Established commenter

    Those rules changed in the last couple years, so it would depend when they started.
  2. Allworknosleep

    Allworknosleep New commenter

    New government- tighter controls on immigration. Almost every international school in Kuala Lumpur has had visa issues this year.
  3. pete72

    pete72 New commenter

    Can anyone tell me anything about the school that gets its name from the place that is located at the front or back of your house and has flowers growing in it ( in the above city) please?
  4. rosiecg

    rosiecg Occasional commenter

    The school is very well regarded here. Good facilities, in a very built up area so traffic can be full on. Big on sport.

    Happy to pm if you want - they're in the same group as my school.
  5. Booker_d

    Booker_d New commenter

    Great school. If you've got an offer from here then take it.
  6. amariB

    amariB New commenter

    Agreed- it's thought of as a very good school. I've visited and the facilities/campus look excellent. Staff seemed nice (in primary at least, didn't see secondary). Seems like they work very hard but it had a nice feel to it. Good mix of expat and local students.
  7. nemo.

    nemo. Occasional commenter

    That was ok a decade ago for an inexperienced teacher especially for a single. Now for a couple? I assume it is 12k all in. If 12k plus accom its better. 15k is min now.
  8. adrixargentina

    adrixargentina Occasional commenter

    There's a job at the front/back of house place that I'm interested in. Does anyone know about salary or benefits there? What about non-teaching spouses working at the school?
  9. frogusmaximus

    frogusmaximus Occasional commenter

    Money is the root of all evil

    Get out there and enjoy.
  10. jayjay johns

    jayjay johns New commenter

    A few things to be aware of based on my experience in the country which has been fairly extensive having worked there for a number of years. In the last year the Malaysian MOE and immigration Departments have become much more structured and militant in the way that they enforce the regulatory framework.

    Yes a salary of RM 12,000 including housing allowance is low but you should be more concerned with the following.

    In order to gain a work permit you need a minimum of 3 years experience, this is now being rigidly enforced, quite simply without 3 years post qualification experience you will not be granted a work permit. Additionally please do not believe any school that tells you that you can enter the country on a tourist visa and then gain your work permit, the work permit must now be granted prior to your entry into Malaysia.

    Unless you are legally married to your partner he/she will not be granted a dependents pass, it was once possible to get around this by doing Visa runs, this is no longer the case.

    I personally know of three people in the last year from Australia and the UK who have been denied entry to Malaysia for doing visa runs. Immigration will now only accept two consecutive entries on a tourist visa in a 12 month period, on the 3rd entry you will be denied entry have a Not to Land stamp put in your passport and be detained by immigration before being returned to your country of origin. This is not scare mongering, just making you aware of the situation the school is potentially putting you in.

    Malaysia is a great place to live and work with some excellent schools and wonderful people but please do your 3 years post qualification and ensure that you land in a quality school, RM 12,000 including accommodation is a poor salary. Any hints as to the school?
  11. rosiecg

    rosiecg Occasional commenter

    Hello, would be happy to pm about this, they're in the same group as my school.
    adrixargentina likes this.
  12. bobbingtoncrescent

    bobbingtoncrescent New commenter

    One of the above comments about not being offered a dependent’s pass for unmarried couples is not accurate in my case; I myself received one a few weeks ago. It is called a Social Visit Pass.

    I also know the Front/back lawn type school if you want advice
  13. jayjay johns

    jayjay johns New commenter

    The Social Visit pass is exactly what it says, it may help you game the system for a while but it is not a dependents pass and is designed for spouses of Malaysian nationals, those attending business meetings in Malaysia and those in the country for medical tourism purposes. Unless you fall into one of these categories the agent or school that has replied is misrepresenting you to Malaysian immigration.

    You may get away with it at least for a while and if you have no dependents and are ready to leave the country immediately if immigration catch on you should be OK, but pretty concerning if a school is informing you that this is a viable long term option.
  14. ToK-tastic

    ToK-tastic New commenter

    Back to the wages, I made MYR13,500 after tax in KL 2014-15, I have a 'few' years experience, but this was just for a 1 yr maternity cover. I reckon that MYR12,000 in 2019 is a little on the low side, but not dreadful if you're low on the scale.
    The front or back of your house school is a top notch school, a really high quality offering, certainly as good as the 2 other 'big names' in KL (Lewis Carroll and the other one). An opportunity to get into front-back house school should be readily embraced...,
  15. bobbingtoncrescent

    bobbingtoncrescent New commenter

    Agreed, the front/back house place is very very good.

    In regards to the Social Visit Pass, I hope that jayjay johns is not correct! In my experience it all felt very much above board receiving the pass. The High Commission provide the letter stating that the partner has been in a long term relationship with whoever is 'sponsoring' them.

    The Short Term Social Visit pass criteria number 2 is for 'visiting relatives'.

    If planning on staying for more than a few years, I would, however, be nervous about always relying on it. The immigration department are definitely cracking down on some things recently.
  16. jayjay johns

    jayjay johns New commenter

    I am pretty sure you will be fine on the long term social visa pass, I have a heightened awareness as I saw a couple of people turfed out last year, but they were on tourist visas and doing visa runs. Probably fine if the pass is approved and in your passport.

    Would be interested to know how they did it though as it is usually pretty tricky unless you are married to a Malaysian national, anyway all the best with it.

    The vegetable patch school is a good one although not in the league of the wonderland school. I actually think the clothes makers school in Putrajaya and there sister school in Singapore are doing some pretty interesting and innovative things as part of the same group as the vegetable patch school.
  17. lucyrose50

    lucyrose50 Occasional commenter

    It's not true that everyone has to have 3 years post-qualification teaching experience to receive an employment pass. There are staff at my school who started this year or last year who have less than this, and they have the same visas as everyone else and as far as I'm aware there was no issue with them getting it.
    Definitely don't rely on unmarried partners being given a visa unless they also have a job. If you are British then there's no such thing as an official letter confirming that you are common-law partners, because common-law status is not legally recognised in the UK. If you come from another country then this may be legally recognised and you may be able to get something to prove it.
  18. jayjay johns

    jayjay johns New commenter

    In order to process employment passes, it is absolutely necessary that all newly appointed teachers provide written proof that they have a minimum of three years teaching experience, a current police background check, approved teaching qualifications and evidence of university qualifications.

    This is from a very reputable school and mirrors the Malaysian immigration department and MOE stance, I am not going to get into an argument on this but the reality is what it is. If visas are being processed by the school for NQT or NQT + one unless they are a COBIS training school there is something dodgy going on.

    I would be genuinely interested in which schools are hiring NQT or NQT + one teachers, I cannot imagine they are great schools. Either way if people are willing to take the risk, fine up to them.
  19. bobbingtoncrescent

    bobbingtoncrescent New commenter

    While it’s true that the common law partner letter does not exist, after paying £50 and visiting the High Commission, they provided me with an official letter supporting my long term relationship with my partner, so essentially the same thing. This was then successfully used to get the pass.

    Having said that, the whims of government agencies perhaps can not be relied upon.
  20. bobbingtoncrescent

    bobbingtoncrescent New commenter

    The truth is, I think all of this is subjective.

    In many ways it is up to the whims of who is processing the information, and further, the clout of particular schools compared to others.

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